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Trademark Registration - Legal exclusivity is only obtained by trademark registration

22nd August 2011
By goyalchaman in Business Law
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Today, trademark registration has great importance in the legal world in preventing other traders from using same or identical trademarks. How to register a trademark and how to file a trademark application in India can not be possible without the assistance of trademark lawyers or attorneys. Rich experienced and highly proficient trademark attorneys can provide you guidance and advice in conducting trademark search to find out your desirable trademark has been registered or not by other traders. Trademark attorneys are legal proficient lawyers, who can provide you guidance and advice on complicated matters of trademark registration.

Trademark registration is the most important IPR services in India, which is highly demanded by the most of the business houses or traders. To register a trademark has become most essential to help you lot in identifying and distinguishing products and services from two enterprenuers. The time validity of trademark registration in India is 15 years, after that you have to apply applications for trademark renewal. The trademark office is a place where all the activities of trademark are performed and provide the protection to the inventors and business for trademark registration for the Product and intellectual property identification. Trademark office is responsible to promote technological and industrial progresses and also fortify the national economy by controlling the laws relating to the trademarks and patents.

Trademark search plays major role in conducting a legal search for the relevant classes to check out that there is no similar trademark before filing the application for the trademark registration. It is the most important and first step of trademark search, which has great importance in registering a trademark legally. Trademark registration can make your business efficient and successful having unique trade marks to suit the needs and budgets of clients. The registered trademark owner can protect the goodwill of the business and has promoted the commercial value of the services or goods to enhance the marketability of goods and services.

Trademark litigation is a kind of case fought between two organizations over trademark rights in India. When false announcement and wrong competition are found, then trademark litigation condition is occurred and applied. It includes the status, set of rules & regulations, decisional law affecting the identity of a company and other brands. Conducting a trademark search is the most essential idea to protect the rights of trademark services. The registered trademark owner has the legal rights to take legal actions against other organization, if any one tries to use his same or identical trademark.

Trademark registration is basically based on trademark search, which is the first and important step of finding out unique trademark suitable to your business or company. Trademark registration in India can promote business name, brand name and logo and keep the trademark safe and secure from being unauthorized use of trademarks. Millions of clients prefer Indian IPR services because of affordable price, promotional strategy of business, easy and simple procedure of registering a trademark according to your business concerns and needs completely.

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