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I am being made redundant at work. What will my redundancy payment be?

27th April 2012
Introduction You are entitled to statutory redundancy pay if you have two year continuous service. The amount will be determined on the basis of: Your age; Your weekly pay; and Duration of continuous service. Your emp...
Author: Clark_Taylor
Employment Law

Changes to Employment law

20th April 2012
Overview Equality Act 2010 ensures that is a right of every citizen of the UK to get the job without any discrimination. Equality Act 2010 minimises the discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex etc. Employment agreement is a legal and valid doc...
Author: Clark_Taylor

Employment Law Update - Diversity

03rd January 2012
From about 1970, a range of protections have been introduced making it unlawful to treat someone less favourably in the work environment for a reason related to a protected characteristic (gender, race, age etc.). More recently, considerable attention has...
Author: KateRussell

An Overview of Compromise Agreements

03rd October 2011
A Compromise agreement is a document which contains the terms governing the termination of an employment contract. In short, it defines the relationship after employment ends. It is the most cost effective and time saving of the three. The main purpose...
Author: Stone Joseph
Business Law

Employment Solicitors – Making it simpler to Deal with Age Discrimination Cases

22nd August 2011
Cases such as discrimination at work, bullying and harassment, bonus issues, unfair dismissal and other problems at work place can be taken to Employment Tribunals when an employee seeks fair compensation. Though there are no particular charges for hearin...
Author: Employment

Helping People through Employment Tribunal Claims

10th January 2011
Helping People through Employment Tribunal Claims It is a shame when a relationship turns sour. In professional relationships, things can and do break down on a regular basis. When it comes to employment, workers and employers both expect to be treated...
Author: Employment

Understanding wrongful dismissal

21st December 2010
Wrongful dismissal is a term used in employment law to describe the scenario when an employee is dismissed without the due notice required. It can also refer to a situation where the incorrect length of notice has been applied or if work has been terminat...
Author: Charlie Board
Employment Law

Do not Ignore Employment Laws

20th December 2010
Recently, it's being more important that the employer should be aware of their duties in the middle of a minefield of employment law. Employer may not be aware of the expensive time, resources and reputation. Not only that, but the employment tribunal cas...
Employment Law

A Compromise Agreement Can Cool Things Down

10th November 2010
So one of your employees is leaving and not on good terms. You're a bit worried that you might end up facing them at an Employment Tribunal, but then you hear about a possible amicable solution - a compromise agreement... A compromise agreement is one ...
Author: Tim Bishop
Employment Law

Antenatal care responsibilities for employers

03rd November 2010
If you run a small business or have a start up company the first time you are notified that an employee is pregnant can open up a minefield of employment law issues. Pregnancy and maternity leave have stringent guidelines set out by employment law in the ...
Author: nickcampbell

Liability for Bad Reference, Employment Tribunal Case

20th October 2010
Employment Solicitors Trethowans look at a recent Employment Tribunal case regarding Employment references. A case this month considered whether a past employer could be liable for the future loss of earnings caused by providing a bad reference. The...
Author: hitsearch

How to make a claim at a employment tribunal

08th September 2010
Disputes at work that have failed to be resolved within the workplace can be heard at an Employment Tribunal. Although hearings are less formal than a court hearing, the decisions made are legally binding and must be followed. Cases are usually heard by ...
Author: Mason Linger
Employment Law

Employment Law – Appraisals and Authorised Leave

01st September 2010
The complexity of legislation can often result in many employers, who haven’t sought employment law advice, being taken to a Tribunal on “technicalities”. A HR advisor will help you to resolve even the most complex of issues, protecting you from the l...
Author: jennyhicks
Employment Law

Basics of Employment Law

31st August 2010
As an employer, it is important to understand employment law and procedure, to avoid a claim and having to use employment solicitors. Whether you are an employee or employer, the first step is to have an understanding of at least the basics of employm...
Author: paulsimmions
Employment Law

Employment Law - A Guide for Employees

14th May 2010
If you are a UK employee and feel like you have been treated unlawfully at work then it is advisable to seek legal advice as soon as possible. An employment law solicitor will be able to help you with your problem and advise you as to what claims you migh...
Author: Tim Bishop
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