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Divorce Tips and Advice

11th March 2011
The following tips on divorce are a guide to help focus on some obvious but often forgotten points: 1. Communicate Communication is often the key to unlocking problems and finding a solution. Every case is capable of being resolved but the most diffic...
Employment Law

Employment law, Absence and Performance Management

18th February 2011
On average, an individual’s sickness absence costs an employer £659 a year and is equivalent to 8.4 working days lost. How absence costs a business: Overtime to cover Replacement temporary staff Reduced / delayed production Lower quality or levels ...
Employment Law

Employment Law – Appraisals and Authorised Leave

01st September 2010
The complexity of legislation can often result in many employers, who haven’t sought employment law advice, being taken to a Tribunal on “technicalities”. A HR advisor will help you to resolve even the most complex of issues, protecting you from the l...
Estate Planning

Probate Valuation and House Clearance

05th May 2010
Using a professional house clearance or office clearance company takes all the hassle of clearing a property or business premises. In terms of business use, the minimisation of disruption is paramount. As with many professional services such as office ...

Why and When to use Law Costs Draftsmen

03rd March 2010
Law costs draftsmen deal with costs in every sector of law both litigated and non litigated. The main job of a law costs draftsmen is to settle the cost of a law case. They provide that vital link that can not only lead to a satisfactory recovery of l...