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Employment Law

Do not Ignore Employment Laws

20th December 2010
Recently, it's being more important that the employer should be aware of their duties in the middle of a minefield of employment law. Employer may not be aware of the expensive time, resources and reputation. Not only that, but the employment tribunal cas...
Family Law

The construction litigation, the privilege of workers and arbitration

01st October 2010
Disputes can be minimized by proper pre contract preparation, for example, by ensuring that the information and contracts are clear and complete account, and that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities from the outset. However, some dis...
Business Law

How to Extend Your Lease with Little Stress

15th September 2010
This article is a guide on how to extend the lease like shop lease with a little stress. Often customers want to know what they are entitled to when they are much higher, than what it costs and how to get started. If you have a contract for more than two...
Personal Injury

Asbestos - Solicitors Help Personal Injury Compensation Claims

08th June 2010
Asbestos: Asbestos is the name given to a naturally occurring mineral that has been widely used in construction and shipbuilding since the 1950s. Asbestos was widely used because it is inflammable, virtually indestructible, flexible and has low thermal c...
Real Estate Law

Understand the Process of Residential Conveyancing

23rd April 2010
Laws are mean to keep harmony in society by preventing any sort of conflict between parties involved in any contract or agreement. Legislations protect interests and constitutional rights of each and every citizen of the country, indifferent to their back...