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No Substitute for an Encountered Divorce Lawyer

23rd September 2010
How very much does a divorce expense? Most of the time, the solution to this is, "a good deal!" A massive element of this expense is the charges of and expenditure more than a divorce lawyer. Divorces have a tendency to turn unsightly at the slightest off...
Author: Major Paul
Immigration Law

UK Tier 4 Dependent Issues

21st July 2010
Recently I have tried to submit a Tier 4 Dependent for an unmarried couple that have been living together for over 5 years. This couple had more than sufficient evidence of their relationship going back 5 years. On their date of submission the embassy wor...
Author: jonnylips

IR35 for Dummies

21st July 2010
Hi, my names Alex and I work for Danbro Accounting Solutions as part of the Marketing team. If like me you were completely new to contracting, you had probably never heard of the term IR35 before or know its meaning. In this article I will be trying to ex...
Author: Alex Askew
Lemon Law

California lemon law aided by Car buyer's Bill of Rights Includes Cooling Off Period for used car bu

23rd June 2010
California's lemon law, one of the first in the nation, has now been reinforced by the addition of the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights. Now, those who buy used cars will be protected against buying used lemon cars. California was the first state in the count...
Author: danielaiden

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Law

02nd June 2010
The law on Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) is now firmly part of the range of remedies available to someone with significant debt problems. An individual consumer, or self employed person, with unsecured debts - usually greater than at least £120...
Author: Rich Spencer-Hayes

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts

25th March 2010
A Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT) is an excellent tool for persons with large estates to transfer a principal residence or vacation home at the lowest possible gift tax value. The general rule is that if a person makes a gift of property in whic...
Author: Julius Giarmarco, Esq.

Hiring a DWI Lawyer

23rd March 2010
The term driving whilst intoxicated or DWI is usually used to describe someone who is in control of a vehicle but whose judgment is impaired because of alcohol or drugs or both being present in their system. A vehicle does not necessarily mean a car, but ...
Author: Normches
Copyright & Trademark


18th March 2010
Designs under the Indian Designs Act, 2002 refer to creative activity resulting in the ornamental or formal appearance of a product and thus the “Design Right” refers to a novel or original design that is accorded to the proprietor of a validl...
Author: Dr. Javed Hasan

How to use a defamation solicitor

02nd March 2010
If someone says something about you that is false, but is implied to be true, this could be termed defamation. If you can prove that the statement is untrue and has caused damage to your reputation, you could make a claim for compensation through the cour...
Author: Ben Letham

The Human Rights Act

26th February 2010
Introduction Lord Irvine of Lairg wrote an article on the impact of the Human Rights Act on the legal system. In his article he tells about the various transformations that have taken place and their impact as a result of the Human Rights Act. He is quot...
Author: carolyn2010
Lemon Law

Introducing Lemon Laws in Australia

21st December 2009
In many countries, including the US and the EU, the government offers protection to consumers with Lemon Laws, laws that require car manufacturers and retailers to be held accountable for vehicles that are qualified as "lemons". Recently, there has been d...
Author: Scott Jamieson
Business Law

The International Forerunners of the American LLC

16th July 2009
Although the LLC in itself was founded in the United States, the brainchild for this idea was actually first raised elsewhere. There are new elements in the actual letter of what makes an LLC, but the first seed of the idea came from the German business c...
Author: mgordon

Legal services in Belarus

11th July 2009
The popular Law firm-"Stepanovski, Papakul and partners" that started in 2006 year end, offers incredible legal services to the people in Belarus. It was an amalgamation of the Law Firm "Apices Juris" with knowledgeable skill of 14 years along with three ...
Author: Jamie Hanson

Is the Ignition Interlock Device Effective In Preventing DUIs?

31st March 2008
Drunk driving has been an ongoing issue for many people in the U.S and lawmakers have tried many things to reduce the risks of drunk driving. The courts and motor vehicle departments have used fines, jail terms, and driver's license suspensions to control...
Author: Maria Palma
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