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Employment Law


30th March 2011
The confederation of British Industry (CBI) has called for the Government to “think small first” and think about reviewing regulations that prevent family owned and one-man companies from creating jobs and growing their business. The CBI released a rep...

What is IR35?

17th January 2011
If you have never been involved with contract work before, chances are you will never of heard of the tax legislation known as IR35. This legislation is aimed at preventing contractors taking advantage of the tax benefits associated with operating through...

OTS’s review will focus on more than just IR35

16th November 2010
The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) is reviewing small business taxation which covers more than just IR35. Although much of the limelight surrounding the review has fixed itself on the infamous IR35, small business taxation covers a broader range of el...

Have you considered saving for your future whilst contracting?

23rd September 2010
As a contractor working on multiple job assignments whilst using an Umbrella Service, you may not have considered a specialist contractor pension yet. If a pension is something you have not considered, you wouldn’t be the only one. Research has found ...

Use an Umbrella Company? - Ensure your workplace is deemed temporary

29th August 2010
If you are contractor, assessing your workplace status is extremely important. There are a number of rules set by HMRC which will determine whether you have the right to claim travel and subsistence expenses whilst you work. The rules heavily focus on whe...

IR35 for Dummies

21st July 2010
Hi, my names Alex and I work for Danbro Accounting Solutions as part of the Marketing team. If like me you were completely new to contracting, you had probably never heard of the term IR35 before or know its meaning. In this article I will be trying to ex...

HMRC Amend PAYE Penalties Guidance

18th July 2010
At the start of the tax year new late payment penalties were introduced for PAYE and other payments due from employers. The new rules apply to almost all employers and contractors, whether they employ one or a hundred employees. The rules apply to monthly...