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After Same-Sex Marriage, Same-Sex Divorce?

04th August 2009
Although the rights for same-sex couples to marry may not extend to all states of the USA at the moment, there are still questions arising from the topic which will be discussed even in the states where same-sex marriage is not permitted. Once the first s...
Business Law

Tips on Forming a Corporation

22nd July 2009
There is some confusion between what constitutes an LLC and what constitutes a corporation - indeed this exists to the point where many people still erroneously refer to an LLC as a "Limited Liability Corporation" where the "C" actually stands for "compan...
Business Law

The International Forerunners of the American LLC

16th July 2009
Although the LLC in itself was founded in the United States, the brainchild for this idea was actually first raised elsewhere. There are new elements in the actual letter of what makes an LLC, but the first seed of the idea came from the German business c...

Formal Alternatives and Precursors for Divorce

06th July 2009
Divorce is a concept that divides people - in more than one sense. As well as legally separating a couple to live separate lives, it also leads to disputes between people - on religious, political or moral grounds - and even in countries where it has been...
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Around the World

19th June 2009
Wherever you go in the world, finance is a language that is spoken fluently by some, and a completely indecipherable one for others. There is such a wide range of topics connected with finance that a strong command of rules, regulations and options couple...
Bankruptcy Law

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

17th June 2009
There is no doubt whatsoever that, however the idea may be sold to some people, going bankrupt is something that terrifies most of us. It is the stigma, as much as anything, that really worries individuals. Indeed, in some jurisdictions it is still common...

When is a Name Change Not a Name Change?

07th June 2009
Changing one's name is something that has been done time and again in the past and will be done many more times in the future. But there is a difference between a name change and a "name change." Confused? Don't be. Essentially, what we mean is that there...

What Is A Hybrid Trust?

05th June 2009
Trusts can be divided into any number of different kinds, but in many cases people divide them into two types; the fixed trust and the discretionary trust. In a fixed trust, the beneficiaries and the amounts to be paid to them are decided in advance and s...

What Are Discretionary Trusts?

05th June 2009
The number of different kinds of trusts available to someone who wants to protect their assets for their family can be somewhat daunting if you happen to bring up a list of them on Wikipedia or another such site. Although in many cases one type of trust i...
Family Law

Ten Tips For Changing Your Name

01st June 2009
1. If changing your name after a divorce, it is wise to do this as quickly as possible after the degree absolute is finalized. It will not happen automatically, it is therefore up to you to request a change. This is popular as a way of making a fresh star...
Family Law

What Is A Prenuptial Agreement – And Who Needs One?

29th May 2009
A prenuptial agreement is essentially a legally binding agreement made before a couple gets married or enters into a civil partnership. The agreement deals with what should happen to assets of the couple in the event of divorce, though various additions c...
Family Law

What to Do Before Saying “I Do”: Six Tips For A Prenuptial Agreement

18th May 2009
Considering a prenuptial agreement before getting married may seem unromantic, but considering such an agreement can mean that both parties are entering into a marriage with their assets protected. It helps simplify matters, so a couple can just focus on ...

Different Types of Power of Attorney

08th May 2009
Although power of attorney is essentially handing control of your affairs over to another person, there are different uses of the position which vary depending on the situation. These largely depend on the reason behind power of attorney being transferred...
Copyright & Trademark

Why is it so Important to Copyright Your Work?

01st May 2009
Anyone working in a creative industry will be fully aware of the pernicious extent of the crime of copyright infringement. Anyone who has been victim to such activities as plagiarism will know that it is a crime that affects the victim in a way not dissim...
Estate Planning

What to Think about When Changing Your Will

23rd April 2009
Making a will can be an emotionally challenging experience. It is one of those acts that incontrovertibly causes you to look a bit closer at your own mortality and consider what you want your final impact to be on a world without you. The fallout from a p...
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