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How to Migrate to the US From Canada

07th March 2011
By Canadian Immigration in Immigration Law
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When learning how to migrate to the US from Canada, find out what documents are necessary.

The application process for immigrating to the US can be a very difficult task for anyone. Submitting the proper documents is a fairly easy task for someone that is comfortable with the process, but for someone that has no idea what they are doing, it can be a stressful and very prolonged process. There is not a very long list of the documents needed, but amassing the basic documents can be confusing.


One of the first things a person will need for US immigration is a passport. For people that have had previous passports, it is important to include those passports as well as the current. This provides evidence of any traveling that has occurred and where and when it occurred.


The next thing that will be needed is an I-94/I-94W card. These are commonly known as visa waiver cards and are always needed before a person can enter the United States. The I-94 card is a white card, while the I-94W is a green card. If a whole family is looking to immigrate, each family member should have their own card.


Along with obtaining the I-94 card, the person should know that the expiration date of the card is what will determine the length of time a person is allowed to be in the US. For the people that have not been in the US longer than the date given, then there is no need to file an extension request and they will not commit any violations. The thing to remember is that many times people that are in the county think that they are allowed to stay for five or ten years. They think this because that is how long the visa indicates, but this is not the case. It is always important to remain aware of all important dates and rules that apply.


One of the most important documents that will be needed for US Immigration is a person's Birth Certificate. The document should be in whatever language that the person speaks. It is important to have a translation of this document and the person that translated it should attach a verified certificate. It is important to bring the original certificate when coming to the states, but it is not necessary to have the original copy when a person is filing their case with immigration because a copy will suffice. Another thing to consider the requirements of married couples. The same guidelines will apply to all people that are married and want to enter the country.


Canadians, unlike any other nationality, are given a favorable acceptance when they want to visit the United States. They are allowed to visit for a maximum time of six months in any given year. During this time, they are not permitted to get a job, but for those already in the US, they can apply for a work permit to become employed. Overall, getting into the US is the dream of millions of people. While many choose to enter the country illegally, there are people that want to do what is right and earn an honest living.

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