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Immigration Attorneys Speak the Language of Law

09th May 2011
By Liz Jones in Immigration Law
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Coming to America from another country is hard enough without added legal barriers and immigration problems. Those considering coming to the United States or who are already here and would like to stay likely need the services of an immigration lawyer. While it is not required, it is helpful. Here’s why.

Unique Laws
There are many rules and regulations that must be followed when immigrating to the U.S. When the proper procedures are not followed, individuals can be deported and sent back to their home countries. U.S. immigration laws are unique. Trying to guess as to what is allowed and required may land the would-be immigrant in jail or detained. An attorney that understands the procedures and requirements will be able to give good advice and help his client stay on the right track.

Illegal Status
Those who are in the country without proper paperwork are always in danger of being deported. With help from an immigration lawyer that specializes in this type of law, The proper channels can be approached before the person is caught and punished. Oftentimes, students or workers on temporary visas may overstay their eligibility and need assistance with the paperwork associated with extending their legal status.

Language Barriers
Understanding the law is difficult for many English-speaking American residents. Trying to understand it when English and law are both foreign languages can be doubly confusing. The immigration lawyer may be able to speak the native language or find an interpreter to help translate and explain the ins and outs of the laws regarding coming to and staying in America.

Settling In
When a community has a number of residents from the same foreign land, such as Russia or China, the lawyer may be able to help newcomers to find housing and work in the local community. As this attorney has helped others to stay in the country, these people may be able to help other newcomers from the same region of the world or even the same country to settle in to the area. Simple things with familiarity make it easier to find balance in a new country, like places of worship where many people speak the same language, or a local ethic restaurant or grocery store.

Legal Voice

Many foreign-born individuals assume that they have few or no rights in the U.S. This is especially true for those who are in the country illegally. Getting legal representation from someone who understands the process is important for those that are prepared to take the next step in the process of staying in the country, whether short term or long term.

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