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Nurses - Why Choose A Job As A Nurse (Get The Facts)

09th November 2010
By bernme321 in Business Law
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Not quite sure what you want to do with your life, or what new career you want to begin? If that's the case and you've already considering nursing, then you're in the right place here. What you'll find is an amazing collection of positive statistics that make nursing a growing, dynamic and rewarding field and industry. Take a look at these stats and then get started as soon as you can with your studies towards becoming an RN.

* Taking an accelerated nursing degree program puts you on the fast track to this career. With an existing degree in another field, you can complete a BSN in just 10 to 12 months.

* Obtaining your BSN is the best way to enter the field, because it's what employers are preferring more and more. The amount of RNs with a BSN or higher has doubled from 25% to 50% since 1980, with future projections in a short time bumping that up to 65%.

* Hospitals are the largest places of employment for RNs, with over 60% of the field working in them. But that means that almost 40% of nurses work elsewhere, which has dramatically increased, meaning more options and a wider range of career choices and environments.

* Among that 40%, you'll find that 14% of nurses work in community health facilities, 10% work in outpatient care facilities and 5% works in long-term care centers, amongst some other choices like physicians' offices, nonprofit organizations and more.

* RNs now collectively have an average age of 47 years old, up from 40 years old in 1980. What this means is it's an aging workforce that drastically needs new individuals to begin replacing the ones retiring.

* Just how many new or replacement RNs will there be a need for? By 2018, the BLS says it will be 580,000, well over half a million, which means fantastic job opportunities and your choice of destinations.

* Other statistics show an even greater demand for RNs. This stat shows that there will be 800,000 nursing jobs unfulfilled, a massive figure that shows that the growth of the field will be strongly continuing for quite some time to come.

* Salaries are also increasing for RNs, of course being tied to the increased demand and need for them. On average, RNs pull in over $60,000 per year, and the top portions of that group earn $90k to $100k or even more. The nurses that earn the most hold experience and an educational background.

* There are more nurses than physicians, by a fourfold margin. Nurses are the primary means of care within hospitals, and as mentioned, are also branching out into new work settings and organizations.

* Nursing students account for half of all of the students studying any healthcare field or profession.

* Nursing is projected to be one of the quickest growing job fields over the next five to 10 years by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and that's shown in the above statistics, with over half a million jobs coming available!

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