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Delinquent Tax Sale Rebuilds County's Accounts

07th December 2010
Throughout the state, there is a common problem that is also being faced in many areas around this country. There are properties facing foreclosure. This is not always because the mortgage payments are late, but rather that the owner or owners have failed...

Illinois State Tax Lien Auctions Working for the People Again

07th December 2010
County tax lien auctions are never pretty, but one Madison County, Illinois, auction has become messier than normal. Republican members of the Madison County board have claimed that the auctions themselves were set up to undermine honest homeowners who, d...

County Tax Sales Boast Bargains

06th December 2010
The Luzerne County Courthouse in Pennsylvania saw a surge of people armed with cash who were in search of properties at discount prices. At the time, there were more than eight hundred properties ready to be sold and one of those went, unbelievably, for j...

The Benefits of Tax Auctions

26th November 2010
Are you looking for a good way to earn some interest on your money? If so, it’s likely that you would have some interest in a tax lien sale. A property tax auction sells the liens on property owners’ estates if they haven’t paid their taxes. Once in delin...