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Personal Injury 101: What to do if you suffer a Personal Injury

26th October 2012
Today’s average consumer faces an ever-increasing variety of personal injury dangers. These include everything from unsafe foods and untested products to burns, assaults, dog bites and poisoning. Many personal injuries are the result of car and truck acci...
Author: LYSlaw

Jones Act Lawyer Straight Talk: 11 Essential Tips For Seriously Injured Jones Act Seaman

02nd December 2011
Caution: You Should Read This Article First - - Even Before You Hire A Jones Act Lawyer This article is "MUST READING" for seriously injured Jones Act Seaman. If you only read one article about the Jones Act, it should be this article. We provide essen...
Author: William Turley

How to Settle a Personal Injury Claim with an Insurance Adjuster

31st May 2011
In the event of a sustained injury as a result of an automobile collision, in which you are not at fault, many questions undoubtedly befog the mind as to how to resolve the pending injury claim. This article will focus on settling a bodily injury claim wi...
Author: ncdf001

Workers Compensation Lawyer Straight Talk: Should I Wait To Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney?

13th April 2011
The workers compensation insurance company is providing all benefits. Should I wait to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer? In too many instance, injured workers wait too late to get a Workers Compensation Attorney. They wait until after a crisis situat...
Author: William Turley
Personal Injury

Car Accident – How to seek a Legal Help?

22nd March 2011
In a matter of seconds, lives change because of car accidents. Suddenly, you have medical treatments and pain. You may not be able to work, and when you do go back to work, you may not able to work as productively as you did before the accident. If the...
Author: chistolinidesimone
Personal Injury

Avoiding the Pitfalls in a Personal Injury Case

23rd February 2011
An injury can occur anytime – you may become a victim of a car accident, you may fall down a broken staircase, a dog may bite you, and so on. Whatever the incident, if you think that someone else was responsible, you may be able to file a liability cl...
Author: Allek Hall
Medical Malpractice

Going Bare is the right option for

22nd February 2011
Due to the ever increasing cost of medical malpractice insurance, many doctors have made the decision to drop their insurance coverage. There is strong statistical evidence that "going bare" reduces the likelihood of being involved in a lawsuit. Not surpr...
Author: Frankf
Personal Injury

Houston personal injury attorney – Ever ready when needed

10th January 2011
Though we all try to drive with all safety we can, but sometimes we can get into accidents. A Houston personal injury attorney would tell that whether you are a party to the accident or not, you should inform the Highway Patrol or investigating officers w...
Author: Brown Hector

Understanding Your Role in an Injury Suit

07th January 2011
Injuries, if serious, can hamper the flow of an individual’s, and their close ones, life. If someone, other than the victim, was responsible for the injury, it is better to consider suing him/her on grounds of liability. Tennessee laws give the victim, an...
Author: Jorjina

Handling Your Auto Insurance Adjuster After an Accident

17th December 2010
Most people suffering injuries from a car accident assume that when they follow the process, they will receive a fair and timely settlement for injuries resulting from the auto accident. Yet claims adjuster delays are common and most large auto insurance ...
Author: Steven Gursten

How a Car Accident Can Affect Your Insurance Rates

13th December 2010
Insurance companies take several things into account when calculating your rates. Generally the evaluations fall into two categories: Things you can control, and things you can't control. Things you can't control include gender, age, and other insured dri...
Author: JamesBrown
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney in Rhode Island Answers FAQS

15th November 2010
Question: Is it a good idea to wait a period of time before I hire an attorney? Answer: You should contact Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer David Slepkow 401-437-1100 immediately after the accident. You can resolve damages to your vehicle with th...
Author: David Slepkow, Rhode Island Lawyer

Enter Colossus--The Program that Lowers your Insurance Payout and Raises their Profits

12th November 2010
When the insurance adjuster gives you an offer for your injury after you have been hurt in a car accident you may think that they just make it up, or they have some sort of table they use. However, more than likely, they plug hundreds of variables into a ...
Author: JamesBrown
Accident claims

motorcycle accident lawyers help you understand your rights

19th October 2010
Legal representation from a motorcycle lawyer is necessary if you have been injured in an accident for one reason: protecting your rights under the law. Although the Colorado Motor Vehicle Code is easily accessible online and through public libraries, it ...
Author: Wayne Hemrick
Personal Injury

Should You Choose The Insurance Settlement Or Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

10th August 2010
If you have not consulted with a personal injury attorney after you met with an accident, you could badly end up losing money payable to you. The settlement that the insurance company will offer you may be an amount that is much lesser than your loss. But...
Author: Danielle Saige
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