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Avoiding the Pitfalls in a Personal Injury Case

23rd February 2011
By Allek Hall in Personal Injury
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An injury can occur anytime – you may become a victim of a car accident, you may fall down a broken staircase, a dog may bite you, and so on. Whatever the incident, if you think that someone else was responsible, you may be able to file a liability claim. However, for damage recovery you would need a personal injury attorney.

Awareness about the legal aspect of such matters could help avoid the pitfalls. Here are the common mistakes to avoid in a case involving personal injury laws of Florida.

Not taking immediate action – may result in loss of important evidence. Note down the names, addresses and contact details of the people present (responsible entity, witnesses, etc). If possible, take photographs of the site and the injuries. Do not accuse anybody or admit guilt without consulting a legal practitioner.

Delay in getting medical aid – may jeopardize your health and wellbeing and hamper the scope of your case. Getting a medical professional to examine your injuries is necessary; you may never assess the damage without his/her help. Moreover, the defendant’s attorney may argue that this led to the worsening of the injuries.

Not keeping the records of the incident – may make it difficult to take successful legal action. You need to maintain your medical records, get copies of the reports of the emergency services (police/fire department), and so on. This would provide your attorney the necessary evidence to build up a case.

Delay in getting legal advice – may lead to missing the Florida statute of limitations. This gives you 4 years to file an injury claim. Your Miami Personal Injury Attorney would need time to build up a case. It is, therefore, essential to start looking for legal help as soon as possible.

Rushing into a settlement – may mean a lesser amount of damage recovery than what you rightfully owe. The insurance adjuster is no friend of yours; he/she is just trying to get rid of the claim with as little amount as possible. It is wise to consult your attorney before you make any statement or sign any document.

Without proper evaluation of the injuries and the degree of negligence (that caused the injuries), it is not possible to find out what the damage was worth. Your attorney can use the evidence and expert testimonials to assess the damage recovery suitable for the injuries. Get a legal professional to work on your behalf immediately.

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