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Personal Injury

South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

28th September 2011
Looking for the best knowledgeable South Carolina Injury Attorney?The Strom Law Firm's personal injury attorneys help victims who are hurt, disabled, or even killed by means of no fault of their very own.We'll secure the compensation you deserve. We figh...
Author: AlbertoParsons
Personal Injury

baytown personal injury lawyers

24th February 2011
Many individuals undergo varied traumatic experiences. For instance, one will sink a flight of very long flight of stairs in one amongst the buildings in Boca Raton. You'll imagine how one would roll time and again once more because the go down the fligh...
Author: Baytown Guy
Personal Injury

DUI Accident Victim Lawyer In San Bernardino County

17th February 2011
Drunk driving accidents in San Bernardino County consistently kill more than 100 people every year, and injure more than 1,500 people, according to California Highway Patrol reports. Because drunk drivers are often grossly negligent and highly reckless, D...
Author: Mike Bomberger
Accident claims

The Differences Between Auto and Motorcycle Accidents and How it Can Affect Your Claim

30th December 2010
A dramatic increase in motorcycle accidents nationwide has recently been reported by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration. If you're an avid motorcycle rider you may wonder, why? Motorcycle accidents are so much more often fata...
Author: JamesBrown
Personal Injury

Symptoms of head and spinal cord injuries

19th May 2010
Head and Spinal Cord Injuries may arise from accidents such as vehicular, industrial, pedestrian, and slip or fall. The head and spinal cord damage suffered from such accidents are serious no matter how small the fracture is. Medical treatment for head...
Author: Mesriani Law Group
Medical Malpractice

Surgical Error Lawyers

11th May 2010
Each year, millions of surgical procedures occur in the United States. Yet, each time a person undergoes a surgery, there are serious risks of medical and surgical malpractice. Many thousands of people are severely injured or killed each year as a direct...
Author: malpracticelawyer
Personal Injury

The long road to recovery - why spinal injuries need long-term care

28th April 2010
Coping with a spinal injury is often a case of ensuring the patient has both immediate care for the initial injury, and then a more long-term plan of rehabilitation, treatment and therapy to cope with the ongoing effects. Any impact violent enough to caus...
Author: Robert Palmer
Personal Injury

All You Need to Know About Spinal Cord Injuries

13th April 2010
Spinal cord injury is one of the leading causes of death in the United States with over 8,000 victims each year. This kind of injury can cause a major change in the person's personal and professional life. Most of the time, spinal cord injury patients...
Author: Mesriani Law Group
Accident claims

Michigan Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents, Injuries, & Legal Claims For No-Fault Benefits

31st March 2010
Pedestrians and bikers who are injured in Michigan car accidents have legal rights even if the car that struck them was not insured. There are two potential claims arising out of the automobile accident.The first claim you have is for no-fault benefits, w...
Author: LBuckfire

Common Law Firm Terminologies

01st March 2010
Legal terms and legal concepts have to be painstakingly researched and studied to hone your craft as a lawmaker. Really, it's not an easy job. But with your desire to make a name in the field of law, it may not be such a very difficult task, after all. ...
Author: Nancy
Personal Injury

Legal Help with Spinal Injuries

03rd February 2010
Probably one of the most life-altering and severe of personal injuries a person can suffer from is a spinal injury. While the level of injury, pain, and suffering can obviously differ from one case to another spinal injuries are nearly always permanent. ...
Author: SmithSEO

Knowing Types of Pedestrian Accident Injuries

12th June 2009
Pedestrians beware! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 5,000 people die each year in pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles. Also, around 78,000 victims of these accidents sustained different types of pede...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Farm Equipment Accidents Overview

16th April 2009
Agriculture is the second most dangerous industry in the United States. Harsh weather conditions, long working hours, and heavy equipment often combine to cause serious injury or even death to farm workers. Most farming injuries are caused by equipment, a...
Author: Daniel Berry

Car Accident Aftermath: Serious Injuries and Deaths

18th November 2008
Car Accident Car accidents have been thought by many as becoming the main cause of preventable death over the next fifteen years because of the number of people injured or killed in car accidents every year. Annually, there are about 6 million car acci...
Author: Mesriani Law Group