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Symptoms of head and spinal cord injuries

19th May 2010
By Mesriani Law Group in Personal Injury
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Head and Spinal Cord Injuries may arise from accidents such as vehicular, industrial, pedestrian, and slip or fall. The head and spinal cord damage suffered from such accidents are serious no matter how small the fracture is.

Medical treatment for head and spinal cord injuries are often expensive. The family of the injured may need to prepare financially and even psychologically. Injuries of the brain can be categorized as closed or penetrating. Closed injury happens when the head was hit by an object.

When a person hits the windshield of a car during collision, a closed injury may result. Penetrating injury happens when an object pierces the skull. Tissues and crumbs of bone may enter the brain; gunshot wound is one example.

Brain injury may also be categorized as focal or diffuse. Focal injury is damage on a specific portion of the brain. X-rays and CT scans can locate such damage. Diffuse injury is damage to several microscopic portions of the brain. It has damage on connections and axons.

Symptoms of Brain injury are: memory difficulties, visual impairment, dizziness, migraine, speech difficulties, and coordination impairment. Other symptoms are: fatigue, hearing and cognition difficulties, stress and depression, and psychological changes.

Spinal cord injury is any disruption in the normal functions of nerves in spinal canal and vertebral column. This injury disrupts the flow of communication transport from the brain to other systems, affecting the motor and sensor activities.

Spinal cord is composed of nerves in narrow canal of vertebrae. The spinal cord is vital in maintaining the nerve activities throughout the body. A collision on the back or neck area may trigger serious damage.

Spinal cord injury also results from most vehicular accidents. Sports injuries and violence also cause such injury. Children who are mistreated can be in potential health risk. A child's bone density is still fragile; if your child has a slip or fall accident, have him or her undergo medical treatment immediately.

Potential hazards are diving into low level water. Compression, dislocation, or fracture may result from such accident. Paralysis, loss of mobility and sensation may be the aftermath of a wrong dive.

Spinal cord injury can be deadly. Internal bleeding or hemorrhage may occur inside the narrow canal and cause pressure for the nerves. If this will continue for more hours, the nerves will die. Immediate medical diagnosis and treatment is needed to save the injured.

Symptoms of spinal cord injury are: excruciating pain in neck or back, loss of sensation in feet or hands, difficulty in breathing, and loss of control in body parts.

The medical expenses, hospitalization and long-term therapy for the head and Spinal cord injuries are costly. The family of the injured victim may seek the help of a professional Head and Spinal cord injury lawyer for remuneration claim. A Los Angeles lawyer can help you claim your rights today.

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