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25th October 2010
By costello in Medical Malpractice
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Medical Transcription involves converting the dictated versions of the doctor or physician to electronic files or digital ones. Since in countries like US, the health sector is completely dependent on insurance, medical transcription has great importance. So in order to create medical documents in a profitable manner, they outsource it to offshore companies.

Many medical transcription services had originated in India few years back. But very few sustained over the years which means that this is a profession that requires accuracy and experience. The advent of technology has creatively helped in their progress. Most of them are now using softwares like Electronic Medical Record Solution, Record conversion and Migration for improving their performance.HL7 integration and Smart upload are other features that enable faster and quicker services.

The claims of the service providers
Due to intense competition, all these companies strive to deliver quality products within the shortest time. Most of them guarantee more than 99% accuracy. All the services claim to be secure and in compliance with HIPAA. Some even offer a turnout within 12 hours. The quality seems to be getting better with competition. Medical Transcription is a process that gains speed and accuracy with experience.

How to choose a MT service?
While choosing Medical Transcription Services, you need to read their documents and terms and conditions clearly. Verify the years of experience they possess. You might want to check for their previous samples before deciding on one. You need to be clear on the monetary part before you venture. It would do you good to check on the technology available so that you can expect the quality standards. Make sure that the deadlines are given for each project and also check for the accuracy level. Do not agree for anything less than an accuracy level of 99%.Once you allot the work, keep in regular touch with them to check the progress.
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