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Types of IRS Levies the IRS Uses to Collect Unpaid Taxes

20th September 2011
Are you aware of the different types of IRS tax levies? A levy is a tool that the IRS uses to collect unpaid taxes. This is not something that you have to worry about – unless you owe money and are ignoring notices from the IRS. It is important to becom...
Author: Matt Robinson
Business Law

Pros and Cons of Becoming an LLC

22nd February 2011
If you are a small business owner and are contemplating becoming an LLC, consider your risks and be aware of the pros and cons of the process. Following are some factors that may help you decide: Pros • Legal protection: The primary advantage of becomin...
Author: studio1c
Immigration Law

Different Types of Visas for Travel

12th January 2011
The type of visa that you select depends on how long you wish to stay in the country and the purpose of stay. Here is a look at the different Australian visa types: • Tourist Visa – This visa is valid for a 12 month period, however, it is possible to g...
Author: Chris Cornell
Business Law

Benefits of incorporating business…

26th November 2010
The formation of new corporation/company is simply called an ‘Incorporation’. A company is a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under the law; it could be a business, a non-profit organization, sports club or a government of a new cit...
Author: YLC
Business Law

Singapore Sole Proprietor: Registering Sole Proprietorship

23rd November 2010
Sole Proprietorship is the simplest form of business structure in Singapore. Singapore citizens or permanent residents; holders of Employment Pass, EntrePass or Dependant’s Pass may register a Sole Proprietorship. Foreigner individuals and companies may a...
Author: Shayne
Business Law

How To Form a California S corporation

19th November 2010
If you are considering incorporation, an S Corporation provides several benefits for business owners if you qualify. This page will help you understand the qualifications needed to elect S Corporation status as well as provide you with step-by-step instru...
Author: lawinc
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Basics - Chapters 7, 11, and 13

03rd November 2010
The number of cases of bankruptcy has increased tremendously due to recession and loss of jobs. Under the current Federal Bankruptcy Law, there are several chapters under which you can file bankruptcy. Chapter 7: Among the bankruptcy chapters, chapter ...
Author: cmj

Prenuptial Agreements in the UK

29th October 2010
Prenuptial agreements will be in something of a legal limbo in the uk. Unlike many jurisdictions in Europe and further afield, UK courts weren't certain to accept them in a divorce hearing. While this is still true in the uk, a recently available landmark...
Author: Herschel Kane
Bankruptcy Law

Alternatives to bankruptcy

19th October 2010
There are times when you land yourself in a position where you lose the entire difference between your monthly expenditure and monthly income. This financial trouble can happen anytime in your life and can cause all your creditors to pursue harsh collecti...
Author: Jay King
Business Law

Singapore Company Incorporation: Overview of Each Business Structure

18th October 2010
Business structure can define the relationship of a person with his business including his legal liabilities and duties. The most common examples of Singapore company setup are the sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, and priv...
Author: asiabiz
Business Law

How To Form A Corporation

15th October 2010
Your company has grown -- now it's time to upgrade your legal structure to something that will protect you and your assets, as well as provide other benefits. In other words, your business is ready to become either a corporation or a limited liability com...
Author: lawinc
Business Law

Why Should Someone Setup A Company Formation?

09th August 2010
If you've decided to begin up your own company, you must follow some set of rules in order to make it legitimate. While doing this, you are not only keeping your clients and customers safe, however you are also keeping yourself and your company safe from ...
Author: A Ketley
Business Law

Singapore Company Registration – Points to Ponder

21st June 2010
Singapore is an entrepreneurs Mecca, the business friendly city state has groomed many innate entrepreneurs into successful business moguls. Both foreigners and locals have benefited alike from the pro-business policy of Singapore and have leveraged on ma...
Author: singaporesetup

Partnership agreements

11th May 2010
Contents: What is partnership? Who makes the rules? Keep it Simple; Do not get stuck in the swamp; How do I terminate my partnership agreement? What is partnership? The word partnership, both formally and informally, means a situation whe...
Author: Clark_Taylor
Business Law

UK Limited Company - Benefits

07th April 2010
Having your very own UK Limited company can provide one with considerable advantages as compared with being a sole trader.For one thing it does give consumers the feeling thst s Limited company is a more substantial undertaking than just a one man band.Ho...
Author: UK Tax Refunds
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