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Business Law

New Business Registration Basics

15th August 2011
Individuals starting a new business venture should know exactly what all registrations and licenses are required for the industry they want to join. This can be a complex process, as depending on the various aspects of your business, federal, territory, s...
Author: Kapil hauradhur
Business Law

Fast, Easy and Painless Business Name Registration

08th August 2011
A business name is simply a name or title under which a person or a legal entity trades. It is sometimes referred to as trading name. If the business structure chosen is a sole trader, a partnership or a trust, and not a company then one is required to re...
Author: Joe Bowers
Business Law

Trademark Registration - The protection of IPR services is the legal need for every Entrepreneur

12th July 2011
In the modern legal world, IPR in India is Indispensable Need of the hour for legal requirements to start business legally in India. When any entrepreneur wants to start his business, then he needs IPR services at affordable price according to the require...
Author: goyalchaman
Business Law

What can a Singapore Company Registration Agency Do for You?

11th April 2011
As per the Singapore Companies Act, it is mandatory for all foreign companies and entrepreneurs to utilize the services of a firm based in Singapore that provides company registration services if they wish to incorporate a company in the country. However,...
Author: bryanwong
Business Law

Company Law Services like Firm Registration , Business and Company Registration

22nd March 2011
Most of rules for company registration are regulated by Companies act 1956 in India. It is recommended to all types of corporate houses to follow different rules and regulation in order to give smooth way to your business activities. At this time, when th...
Author: goyalchaman

Stuff to be aware of while in business registration within Thailand

09th February 2011
Inside Thailand, one of the initial things to new businesses handle is having their small business name registered and approved by concerned authorities, in one go. However, choosing a name for your company isn't just about getting approval from the autho...
Author: jamecxhsco
Business Law

An Overview on Singapore Company Registration Procedures

15th December 2010
Company registration Singapore procedures are already fully computerized by the Singapore Registrar of Companies. The said computerization enables the process of incorporation fast and efficient because it abolished the prevalence of bureaucracy and red t...
Author: asiabiz
Business Law

Company Registration Singapore: Basic Guide to Incorporation

26th November 2010
Most businessmen consider Singapore as one of the best countries in the world because it offers various business opportunities and it attracts different profiles of customers coming into the country. Singapore has been regarded as an international hub. Th...
Author: Shayne

Singapore GST Services: About GST

24th November 2010
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applied almost similarly to Value Added Tax (VAT) in most countries. It was implemented on April 1, 1994 in Singapore and was used as a guide on the UK VAT legislation and New Zealand legislation. Goods and Services Tax...
Author: Shayne
Business Law

Belize Company Registration, Company Formation Belize

19th October 2010
Belize Company Registration With all the benefits that an offshore company enjoys in Belize, Belize Company Registration is gaining popularity among the offshore business seekers. A Belize Offshore Company generally does not require paying any tax...
Author: Krisztian Rabb
Business Law

Business Registration Tips

13th September 2010
The year 2009 saw 233,770 business registrations in the UK. The company formation statistics, according to Companies House, shows the establishment of 162,329 companies by May 2010 (as mentioned in The reasons why entrepreneurs ...
Author: quinlanmurray
Business Law

The Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2010 and the Business Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 2010

16th August 2010
The Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2010 was published in the Gazette on 16th July 2010. It is likely to come into force upon the implementation of Phase II of the Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS II) by the Companies Registry early...
Author: Christopher
Business Law

Online Request for Company Formation, Registration, Incorporation and more..

12th July 2010
Company is group of persons or is a type of business organization with different persons who signs an agreement to carry common business activity. Company is a team of different persons or a kind of an association that work together with the aim of carryi...
Author: goyalchaman
Business Law

Find Online Company Registration Services with Incorporation and Formation

16th June 2010
In the last few years, the corporate world has been transformed with the series of many new company rules and regulations. Now it becomes necessary for all types of business houses to follow various types of predefined rules that are regulated by company ...
Author: goyalchaman
Business Law

Company Law Firms With Their New Services Like Company Incoprporation and Business Registration

30th April 2010
As with the increasing number of companies that are getting launched with their different product or services, raises the demand of law firms in India. Now day's the technology has taken a remarkable turn where one can get complete guidance and assistance...
Author: goyalchaman