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Points of Dispute Process for Legal Costing

20th January 2012
In regards to court proceedings particularly with regard to litigation a legal document called a bill of costs will be prepared for the case and this will ultimately be paid between the defendant and claimant, either partly or fully depending on the outco...
Author: Lauren Laverne
Immigration Law

How can applicants obtain a Fee waiver?

30th November 2011
USCIS is funded mainly by the application and the petition fees that are collected from the applicants. Some individuals will be in a situation wherein they cannot afford to pay the stipulated fee. Obtaining a Fee waiver is an option that has been introdu...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

Are you keen on Canadian Citizenship?

28th September 2011
Canada, the name at once conjures up the image of a stunningly beautiful destination, which is just too good for the immigration purposes. Lately, attention has shifted to the matter of the much sought after citizenship of the country. A report suggests t...
Author: Abhinav Visas and Immigration Services
Immigration Law

How to get a temporary resident visa?

17th August 2011
If you planning to stay in Canada for some time. If you plan to stay here permanently then apply for Canadian citizenship. You need to get temporary visitor visa in Canada. Here is the procedure. First and foremost get a temporary resident visa applicatio...
Author: matrixpinto
Immigration Law

Form i-131 - To obtain A Travel Document

23rd February 2011
The form i-131 is utilized to apply for a travel document, re-entry permit, refuge travel document or advance parole which might be to incorporate parole to the US for humanitarian factors.The application form i-131 can only be utilized by these individua...
Author: Howard Barron
Internet Law

Standard Address Discovery Process in DHCP

10th February 2011
When a client uses the DHCP to configure the IP address automatically, it has to pass through the six states namely, INITIALIZE, SELECT, REQUEST, BOUND, RENEW and REBIND. The events and messages which cause the client to change the states is what the leve...
Author: shilpa dws
Immigration Law

Ways to make your Visa Application done in 15 Days

24th January 2011
The USCIS has set amount for premium processing service ensuring everyone to have a fast and speedy application processes that would come up an early and fast decision as well, this was started June 2001.How much is the cost of availing a premium processi...
Author: Tristan Beach

Make Your Charitable Donations to IRS Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Organizations

20th January 2011
Finding tax-exempt nonprofit organizations online that can help you receive tax-deductions at year-end is a crucial task. Read below to learn now you can recognize tax-exempt nonprofit organizations out of hundreds of thousands of nonprofits existing in t...
Author: Stiven Mark

9. Tax collected by the Government is used to facilitate the lives of the subjects.

17th January 2011
The term income tax or wealth tax is not new and finds its origin in ancient times. Studies show even in primitive communities taxes were levied on income either in form of direct taxes like trading of merchandise, on land, poll tax or in form of indirect...
Author: piranhaswebsolution

Deferred Annuity The Best Choice for an Annuitant

17th January 2011
Investment in annuity is a prudent decision on part of you in order to strengthen your financial position in the post retirement phase. An annuity is nothing but a contract between an individual and his insurance company to ensure a steady cash flow in fu...
Author: lassy

Property Tax Relief

11th January 2011
The Property Tax Doctor can help the average homeowner win his rightful property tax relief. Under the common level adjustment, described above, the New Jersey's statutory standard for an acceptable property tax assessment margin of error in its calculati...
Author: Stacy Wallace

Appealing Property Taxes For Your Home The Basics

10th January 2011
Just like going to a medical doctor's office the first thing that you need to do is to gather the necessary information with which to do the paperwork. The primary sources for that information is the homeowner's property record card obtained at the assess...
Author: Stacy Wallace
Real Estate Law

Real Estate for Beginners Residential Property Taxes

07th January 2011
When your property is under appeal the County Board of Taxation can adjust your home's value to the common level. The taxpayer should know the average ratio in the municipality where the property under appeal is located before filing a tax appeal. Remembe...
Author: Stacy Wallace

How to Obtain an IRS Levy Release

16th November 2010
the first type of IRS levy is the IRS bank levy. You will know an IRS bank levy is imminent when you receive an IRS Notice via certified mail that reads, "Final Notice of Intent to Levy." After you receive this notice in the mail, the IRS bank levy can st...
Author: Keith Odom
Business Law

If a company doesn't pay its tax, then the director’s must- you can run but you can't hide

02nd June 2010
Directors must ensure their companies comply with their taxation obligations. If the companies don't pay, then the directors may face personal penalties including having to pay the tax on account of the company's PAYG obligations. In a recent case, even a...
Author: Maddocks Solicitors
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