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Form i-131 - To obtain A Travel Document

23rd February 2011
By Howard Barron in Immigration Law
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The form i-131 is utilized to apply for a travel document, re-entry permit, refuge travel document or advance parole which might be to incorporate parole to the US for humanitarian factors.

The application form i-131 can only be utilized by these individuals who're permanent resident of the United States, or by people folks who've left the usa and need to apply for a re-entry permit or if they are a refugee and need to enter the US. Yet another class of people are those that have left the US and will need an advance parole document.

The travel document (or Advance parole) is actually a document that may permit you to leave after which enter the US if you do not possess a green card but but you had applied for it along with your scenario is pending. It might get about three months to acquire the standard journey document and its offered only for 1 yr. There could possibly be circumstances have been you might require to exit the US (to go to a marriage,funeral christening or another sudden occasion) and you also cannot pay for to wait for the 3 months. In these kinds of circumstances you'll have to apply for an expedited travel document.

The following actions will help you in acquiring a travel document.

Step one

To start with obtain the form i-131 through the USCIS and complete it by filling up the related particulars and mail it to your USCIS with all the necessary paperwork and fees. Currently the processing price is $305 and $80 as bio-metric price.

Step two

On receipt of your Notice of Action for that form i-131, connect using the USCIS (INS) utilizing the Info-Pass.and routine an appointment.

Step three

Compile all the paperwork that could show that you require to go away immediately(this kind of as healthcare diagnostics,demise certificate,birth certificate, evidence which you need to end university in your region or every other issue that can can be relevant to your circumstance). All this needs to be accompanied with 3 passport style photographs.

Step four

Seem in the USCIS office inside the day of your appointment with every one of the paperwork(NOA, form i-131,three passport type photographs and another documents that will show that you just want to go away the US urgently.

Step five

Speak to an immigration officer explaining your scenario. Generally your travel document can be accepted which would be legitimate for a single 12 months and can be employed for numerous journey. The accepted travel document will probably be obtained by you through mail.

Refugee Travel paperwork. If you're a refugee of your United States and want to journey again for your individual region then a re-entry permit ought to be filed with the form i-131. In the event you don't have a refugee journey document readily available you can be stopped within the border and never be permitted to arrive back again..

If you are applying for renewal of one's advance parole document namely I-512L or I-512, USCIS will accept and adjudicate the form I-131 filed up to 120 days prior to the date your current Advance Parole document expires

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