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Internet Law


04th July 2012
SEO means "Search Engine Optimization“. An article for SEO refers to the structure and implementation of the article is aimed at positioning and indexing in Google. The content of an article is written with the aim of increasing the volume of traffic of a...
Author: Ayatas Technologies
Business Law

The Crucial Role of Physician Assistants in EHR Implementation and the Reforms

28th March 2012
The role of Physician assistants (PAs) is accentuated in a country such as United States where the physician to patient ratio is very low. The recent health reforms have added to the responsibilities of physician assistants due to numerous changes in po...
Author: Andersen Keen

Introduction to SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model):

31st May 2011
SCORM is a "Reference Model" that integrates a set of inter-related technical standards, specifications, and guidelines designed to meet high-level requirements for learning content and systems. SCORM was born to take the best from the early efforts, spec...
Author: whitehouseit

IGNOU Assignments – A much needed guideline for students to clear their exams.

21st March 2011
IGNOU is the largest Open University and the fifth largest University in the World. IGNOU played a crucial role in the establishment of Distance Education Council (DEC) that is responsible for setting up the standards of Distance Education in India. It ...
Author: Sunita Roy
Immigration Law

Solving Australia’s immigration Issues

08th October 2010
As you might have already known, Australian immigration has been one of the biggest issues that has hounded the federal elections. In fact, both the ruling Labor Party and the Liberal Party made it a central in their campaigns. And the issue was hotly deb...
Author: Steven
Criminal Law

Find Arrest Records Free

10th June 2010
Undoubtedly, everyone has his own reason for searching those arrest records that are now made accessible to the public. The main root of having those important files maintained in state archives for everyone to make use of is the implementation that was m...
Author: Benjo Mars
Personal Injury

Confirm to work accident injury reports

28th April 2010
An accident at work defined as an external, unintended, violent, unexpected and sudden event, during implementation of work or at work place, which causes injuries to health or life to employee. If you get injured at work place or witness any, you have to...
Author: Jamie Hanson