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How are Physicians Expected to Bill Post Implementation?

10th October 2012
Even though ICD 9 and ICD 10 are very similar in many ways including the guidelines, rules and conventions used which consequently brings out similarity in the organization codes as well; ICD 10 is a product of many improvements done in ICD 9 coding. In ...
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How difficult can medical claim filing and payment posting be?

20th September 2012
Hospitals, healthcare organizations and dentists have long been occupied with the issue of medical filing. The process of medical claim filing is overtly complex, requiring paper work, filing and adjudication. Moreover, with the introduction of new reform...
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The Changing Face of Primary Care: An Overview

27th June 2012
The shortage of primary care physicians (PCPs) in the United States has been a well publicized and well documented issue. However, the solutions to the various issues faced by primary care in the country have been obscure even after the implementati...
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Medical Billing Service in Michigan

02nd May 2012
Traditionally Michigan has been amongst one of the economically stronger states in the US, but in the area of healthcare this strength is often not reflected courtesy of certain inadequacies like lack of nursing home and chronic care measures, resulting...
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The Crucial Role of Physician Assistants in EHR Implementation and the Reforms

28th March 2012
The role of Physician assistants (PAs) is accentuated in a country such as United States where the physician to patient ratio is very low. The recent health reforms have added to the responsibilities of physician assistants due to numerous changes in po...
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Job Opportunities: A New Positive Outlook for New Physicians amidst healthcare reforms

26th March 2012
The shortage of physicians, the health reforms, the skyrocketing costs of health care , the Medicare cuts worry and the influx of health IT into the health industry has created a bit worrying albeit a dynamic environment. Although there are critics who ...