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Confirm to work accident injury reports

28th April 2010
By Jamie Hanson in Personal Injury
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An accident at work defined as an external, unintended, violent, unexpected and sudden event, during implementation of work or at work place, which causes injuries to health or life to employee. If you get injured at work place or witness any, you have to fill out a work accident injury report. Although it may look silly to put down in writing on how exactly you bumped your head, this ridiculous heap of paperwork as it looks like, is there to help you, your employer, and other employees from unnecessary sufferings in the future. While verifying the work-accident injury report, you will come up with many questions, which have no relation on the accident you just had. Just keep in mind that this is a common form, designed to protect any kind of accident at any kind of business. Although it may appear obvious to you that you did not hit your head since you were not wearing gloves, any other accident victim might have prevented a cut in the finger by wearing gloves.

Filling out a work-accident injury report authenticate the fact that you had injury at your work place and that your employer informed of the details. This makes you eligible to get medical attention and loss of pay, paid by company. It also protects you if you do not need instantaneous medical attention but you might need in the future.

Filling out an injury report can possibly be advantageous in three ways.
1. It provides you with medical attention for the sustained injuries.
2. It covers your employer from probable false claims.
3. If the accident happened from a dangerous situation, then the injury report can protect other employees from injury.

Filling an accident injury report at work place for every employee allows insurance companies and other employers to accumulate data on accident statistics.

After the accident happens, you should file your injury report as soon as possible. In most countries, they need the form submitted within 24 hours of the incident, but this extends on extra-ordinary circumstances like emergency surgery. If you have sustained minor injury, then try to submit the work-accident injury report before you leave work for the day.

While a number of work injuries are under the state compensation laws, others may be under the federal laws. You can check the same for the appropriate form, with your human resources department and remember to maintain a copy of the report for your own records. If, due to injuries, you are off work for an extended period due to your injury, then you may require this documentation/report to apply for workers compensation benefits.

While writing a work accident report remembers that simplicity and clarity are very important factors to make a reader understandable about the points you want to say.

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