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Solving Australia’s immigration Issues

08th October 2010
By Steven in Immigration Law
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As you might have already known, Australian immigration has been one of the biggest issues that has hounded the federal elections. In fact, both the ruling Labor Party and the Liberal Party made it a central in their campaigns. And the issue was hotly debated throughout the whole election period.
Now that the election is finally over and the new set of leaders have been chosen, the Australian government is starting to get back down to work. However the issue with regards to immigration is still turning out to be a hot one. And as it is, many Australians are actually still pretty much confused as to what the fuss is all about.
Here, one of the biggest issues with regards to immigration are the cuts to be implemented on the numbers entering the country. Interestingly enough, both the Labor and the Liberals agree that the number of immigrants needs to be cut down. However, they differ greatly in their preferred methods of implementation. The Liberal Party wants a quick reduction in immigrant numbers, while the ruling Labor Party wants to take everything slow to better manage the situation.

Nevertheless, a lot of economic observers said that there would be significant effects to the country’s economy once these immigration cuts indeed push through. One of the effects that will likely be is a drop in economic growth. This one is because Australia relies mainly on immigrant labor for its economy due to its small population.
However, there are also groups that arguing that such a cut would be beneficial to the country in the long run. They said that the cut is necessary in order for Australia to be able to cope up with its diminishing resources. They also added that this will also greatly help in better managing the current population to suit the country’s needs.
Another issue that is closely related to immigration cuts is that of refugees. Refugees and asylum seekers have long considered Australia as a suitable place to escape to. However, in recent years, the Australian government has been slowly closing its doors on incoming refugees. Though a lot of government supporters are saying that the move is intended to safeguard the country, there are also sectors that claim these moves are against Australia’s international duties to uphold the rights of refugees.

Now that the land down under has elected its new leaders, observers are hoping that they will be able to find a good solution to these issues. And they also would want this to be done as soon as possible.

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