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Important Legal Services - Registration to get started your Company

13th October 2010
By goyalchaman in Business Law
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The Company Registration is a well-established and maintained, perceptive and discerning organization for providing well-rounded information and elegant counsel about the company matters, corporate finance, accounting, and various types of company formations in India. There are many exclusive pools of following:-
1. Erudite,
2. Experienced
3. Expert faculty

This expert faculty is comprises of the:-

1. chartered accountants
2. legal advisors
3. corporate finance advisors
4. tax consultants

Besides these various experts other ancillary staff and personnel are also been listed.

The new Company Registration India is a while establishing requires three main objectives and those are:-
1. What is a company?
2. Characteristics of the company
3. Advantages that company will provide

While registration with STPI documents which are included:

1. The application Form in the prescribed form.
2. The memorandum and Article of Association.
3. The detailed project report or the Business plan consist of:

a. A Company profile.
b. The Promoters background.
c. Various Units Area of expertise/Services offered.
d. The marketing Strategy or the marketing Arrangements.
e. The entire Manpower plan.
f. The Future plans.
g. The activities for the proposed to be carried out by the Indian entity in case foreign equity participation.
h. List of the Capital goods proposed to be procured from abroad and within India.
i. The details of the foreign collaborator 4.

there is one more important thing which is kept in mind and that is once the legal agreement has been executed by STPI then the request letter has to be sent to ht STPI for issue of the Green Card.

The Registration of trade mark is very important for the proprietor because it confers upon the proprietor the exclusive right to use the and seek the relief of infringement in appropriate courts of the country .For the registration of trademark various trade mark registration services are also provided .There are some legal requirements for the registration of trade mark like:-

1. All the selected mark must be capable of being represented graphically.
2. It should be capable of distinguishing the goods and services from one undertaking from those of the other.
3. It should be used or a specific proposed to be used in relation to goods and services.

A patent registration is an exclusive right which is granted to a person who invented a new and useful article or an improvement over an existing article. The new invention in the field of the:
1. art process
2. method or manner of manufacture
3. The machinery
4. The apparatuses produced by manufacturers

The inventor are entitled to be mentioned in the application if the apply to do so. Some documents are also needed in the application for registration like:-
1. Provisional complete specification in triplicate.
2. In case of the provisional specification is the filed it must be followed by the complete specification within months.
3. Abstract of the Invention.
4. Priority Document.
5. Fee in Cash

There are several different types of patent application such as:-
1. National phase application
2. divisional application
3. patent of addition
4. Convention application.

The process to register these applications is different in different countries and different level. A national phase application is duly filed within 30 months from the date of priority in most of the countries being part of patent cooperation treaty, however in India the due date of filling the form is 31 months.

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