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Incorporate Your Business in California

14th October 2010
By lawinc in Business Law
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Running a business involves danger - the possibility that the business may either succeed brightly or fail sadly.

Incorporating business online is a possible choice, and certainly an option you should consider. There are lots of online incorporation services to choose from, and their services are pretty competitively priced.

Before you do online incorporation however, there are lots of decisions that need to be made in advance.

For example, you need to decide on the type of corporation that best suits your company. In particular this decision is critical as it will effect how your business is taxed in the future.

You also need to decide before you start the incorporation process, the state in which your business is to be registered in. Will it be your home state for convenience, or will you take advantage of some of the benefits that incorporation in states such as California.

Once these critical decisions have been made (professional legal and financial advice should always be sought), you can turn your thoughts to the actual incorporation process.

You could decide to complete the legal forms yourself and file them with the Secretary of State, or you could place the process in to the hands of your lawyer.

Alternatively, you could use the services of an online incorporation company. The online providers will complete most of the administration for you, but in most cases they won't provide any legal advice.

Services typically offered by these online companies include:

- checking of the legal forms

- provision of registered agents in the state you choose to incorporate your business in

- name availability checks

- filing and delivery of the documentation

So what are the benefits of incorporating online?

Firstly simplicity! You can complete the process sat at your computer, with online step by step, screen by screen guidance and advice.

You can literally complete the process in minutes, regardless of which state you choose to actually incorporate in. Simply fill in the online forms and hit the submit button, and let the online provider do the rest.

Most online incorporation services can handle incorporation in any state and know exactly what information each individual state requires. They know how long the process will take by state, the different incorporation fees that will be charged and the specific details each state needs.

The incorporation process becomes much simpler when you use an online service.

Another obvious benefit of incorporating online is money. It will usually be less expensive to incorporate online. Online services should be cheaper than hiring agents or lawyers to process the documentation and forms for you. Web forms and the automation the internet provides, saves on administrative overheads.

Providing the incorporation of your business is straight forward, incorporating online will save you money over the traditional incorporation methods.

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