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Power of Attorney Forms and Me

01st April 2010
By James Kahn in Real Estate Law
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With a great deal of the population at or nearing retirement age many are starting to plan their estates and no estate plan is complete without ensuring that the decision of who should have the power of attorney. The decision to award power of attorney to someone is not a decision one should take lightly. The process is one that has been codified and well established in law. You can engage a solicitor to draft up your power of attorney or you can do it yourself using power of attorney forms.

Power of attorney forms can come in many shapes but they usually contain these elements. First and foremost it must identify who will be responsible for making decisions regarding your finances as well as overall well being including your health treatments. Once you have established who will be responsible for your Power of Attorney the next aspect is the timeline. Some power of attorney forms provide an option to specify a time limit for the power of attorney to be in effect. Some people have a very specific timeline while others may have no exact time when the program ends.

You should secure your power of attorney forms from a provider who has a good reputation. It is more than a hassle if you use forms that are not compliant in your state. It's not just the loss of time and money by ending up having the courts decide who should make all the major decisions on your behalf in the event you become infirm or incapacitated. Many families have become torn beyond repair because a loved family member had not expressed their wishes of who they wanted to manage their affairs if they could not. With that in mind when you are reviewing power of attorney forms for the first time. It is recommended that you sit down with the person you want to take care of you if the unfortunate should happen, You should also speak with your family and make your feelings known the meeting may not be pleasant but by making your wishes known while you are lucid will greatly reduce the likeliness of infighting and squabbling.

Some of the best providers of Power of Attorney forms can be found online, if however you are trying it for the first time and still have reservation you should speak with friends and colleagues if they can suggest anyone. When dealing with this sensitive situation word of mouth can help greatly, power of attorney forms from a lawyer are no guarantee as lawyers make mistakes from time to time so power of attorney forms are a valid consideration.

When considering setting up a power of attorney be very clear on what it is you want. Once that person has it revoking it is very difficult and may require help of the courts to rescind it and as well all know the courts are not known for their speed or ease of use.

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