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01st April 2010
By James Kahn in Real Estate Law
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Preprinted contracts may be used to hire the crew to do the work and to specify the work to be done when arranging for home improvement services. This will lead you through a simple process from deciding who to use to finalizing the contract.

First, you must select your home repair service provider from the many reputable ones available locally. It will be to your advantage to secure the services of an individual or company who can earn your trust by supplying examples of their performance that you can use as a standard of their work product to refer to in your contract. That agreed-upon standard will also come in handy when you need to have a description available for comparison purposes down the road. An excellent place to start when starting your search is through word of mouth from friends and family and your local better business bureau or a local hardware store, which may have a good recommendation. Be certain that the company or individual is properly licensed and bonded to provide such work. Before any work begins, make the provider show you any credentials which will make you feel more comfortable. Be sure also that the contract documents make provision for the provider to be professionally credentialed. Your second step is to choose the correct preprinted legal form. While your employees may provide their own form, it is a good idea to get your own and fill in terms that you expect to have incorporated into to the final contract, regardless of the contract form you ultimately use to finalize the transaction. Filling out your own form, especially if you are

new to filling out contracts, will enable you to see your plans in print and will let you confirm before signing the final document, that you have indeed covered and included all of the necessary items.

A third important step is to be sure that you have chosen a work schedule that is consistent with your already-busy plans, and that there will be someone available to coordinate and supervise the work team at the times you have contracted for. Depending upon the chosen form you are using, this may be a provision that you will have to complete by hand. Be sure that that provision is addressed clearly and thoroughly in the final contract.

Once you are down to the final step of signing the contract and putting it into effect, be certain that the form is signed by someone with the authority to do so. This is especially important when you are dealing with a business with which you are not familiar.

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