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Leasing Issue

01st April 2010
By James Kahn in Real Estate Law
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In real estate industry you should always be prepare to meet the new demands and challenges in every day life. Your property related issues are big hindrance in your peaceful life. The most important and time demanding thing is landlord-tenants relationship. Law provides several legalities to protect the rights of both sides. Law secures the rights of tenants as well as the landlord by providing number of suggestions to both of them. For landlords it is always advisable to preoccupy their land to avoid from the unwanted intrusions from anyone. They are always suggested to keep an eye over their tenants to be aware that your property is safe and secure. They need to be permanently in contact with their tenants to be sure that they are not applying any loan on their property. Similarly, tenants are advised to claim their security deposit within 21 days from the date of evacuating the land. If landlord refuse to return their deposited security or make any deduction that is inappropriate in your opinion, then you must immediately contact to that landlord. If he provides any good reason for that, you can send him a legal certificate to claim your funds. These are legal landlord-tenants forms. Tenant can sue his landlord in the court. These legal forms will held up in the court.

The other kind of situation is unique in contrast to landlord-tenant relationship. If you want to sell your property but it is taking more than expected time or you have to suddenly move to another place might be because of job relocation or any other reason in which you don't have enough time for the sale of your land or you may have need to opt it after your visit is over. In this situation the best thing is leasing out your land or property.
Before leasing out your property you are suggested to take certain steps. Your property must be in good shape, well build infrastructure, maintained and clean. Always ask for proof from your tenants whether they are able to pay your expected dues. You can ask for their credit reports. Open deals always bring best results at the end. If your customer is a potential tenants then he will always be agree in giving you his proof of income as well as his references, if he has, of previous landlords. Once the agreement is done between you and your potential tenant then you just need to finalize it in a legal landlord tenant form. These form are easily available everywhere. These legal forms protect the rights of both parties. Everything should be clearly outlined in this agreement relating all the facilities provided by landlord and all measure taken by the tenants as result of the landlord-tenant agreement. You must sign this legal form after finalizing your deal.

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