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Landlord-Tenant Issue

01st April 2010
By James Kahn in Real Estate Law
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Land is similar to the meaning of disputes. If you have land then you must be indulged in many disputes. In this case you have two (2) options either to withdraw from your rights or get ready to fight for your rights. In the later case, you will have to face many challenges. The main issues that originate with these disputes are land freehold and leased properties.
Some of the considerations you must be taken before facing any land disputes. Land conflicts are the greatest most problems in your peaceful life. The tenant-landlord problem is greatly needed to be considered. It is suggested by many authenticated resources that don’t keep your property unoccupied for a long period of time. You must keep all measured for the safeguard of your property. It is always recommended to the landlords that they must not leave their property in the hands of tenants for a long period of time. This problem can be worst if your tenant take any loan on your property. Sometimes the major land disputes only involve the billing problem. For the safety and security of your land, always be sure to check the property you are going to avail that it is leased or freehold, before signing landlord tenant. After accomplishing the landlord tenant forms you will be secured.

You always need to contact your landlord immediately if you feel that he deducted your security without any agreed reason. You must directly contact him through phone call or should contact through his agent. Inform your landlord that you feel his deduction from your security is inappropriate and demand him to refund your entire amount. In a formal letter to your landlord you should specify the exact amount you needed to refund and the reason why you considered this amount should be returned to you. Most probably you will notify your landlord within 21 days after vacating its property. The time limitation is specified in the lease form. You need a legal mediated person in the case when your landlord provides some good and valid reason for holding your money.
Tenants are always being advised to compromise with the landlord on a reasonable amount. If landlord does not refund your deposited security then you need to claim your refunding amount through certified email. For these purpose specific legal landlord-tenants forms are available. After sending a legal notification to your landlord, wait for a week. If he doesn’t respond neither refunds the deposited security then send another legal form. After that landlord has to respond otherwise you have the right to sue him in the court. Legal landlord-tenants forms are hold up in the court.

In most of the cases, landlord doesn’t have any right to deduct your amount without any reason. But if tenant cause any damage to his property than landlord has right to deduct his amount from tenant’s security. If damaged caused by tenant is more than the security amount then landlord has an option to sue him in the court. If landlord property is damaged as result of any natural disaster like earthquake, flood, fire etc… then he will not charge you for this damage.

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