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Legal Forms in Property Deals

01st April 2010
By James Kahn in Real Estate Law
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Where the word property stands it synonym "dispute" also stands with it. There are always disputes and problems in property dealing. To handle all these disputes, law facilitates the landlords and the tenants as well. Landlords are those who are the owners of the property while tenant are those who can pay rent for those properties by using it for their purposes. Landlord-tenant relationship is always very much critical in most of the property dealing matters. Law provides equal opportunity for both landlord and tenant to protect their rights. To avoid from any unwanted incident, it is always advised to the landlords to keep an eye over their property and keep them preoccupy to avoid from any dispute. In the case if tenants cause any harm to their property than they can deduct their loss from their deposited refund. If the loss is greater than the refunded amount than landlords can even sue them on the court and claim for their loss.
The same case is with tenants, they can claim their refund within 21 days, starting from leaving their (landlords) homes. If your landlord deduct your refunded amount without any reason then you should immediately contact to that person and claim for their refund deposit. You can send him a formal mail and describe all the reasons if you think this deduction is inappropriate. If you don't get any proper response then you can send him legal landlord-tenant form. If he still don't respond to your application, then law provides you another chance to him by sending him again a notification through legal form after this you can sue him in the court and claim for your deposited refund.

There are large variety of forms related to landlord tenants are available. What you need at all is to choose the form that described the best housing rules, you want to compel on your tenant. You can add all your desired requirements into this form but make sure all of them are according to property legislations. The form that best describe your requirements saves you from many worries. You can even download these forms form internet. These forms are already acquired all the needed information about both parties like their original name, contact numbers, permanent addresses etc… but you have option to modify them according to your demands like you can add the details that who will pay electricity, telephone bills. This legal form is not just a piece of paper. It has great importance in legal terms. If any problem is raised between landlords and tenants and they can't handle them then court will take decision entirely upon the agreements listed in this legal form, signed by the both parties.

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