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Great Things About Having a Green Card

10th June 2011
By andrewyast in Immigration Law
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There are many reasons why you may want to get a Green card as thousands of people from all over the world do.


Green card, or Permanent Resident Visa, is issued as a pass to qualified people to live and work in the United States of America. Once you have a Green card, you are free to travel around the US and get the career you’ve always wanted. You can also advance your education because Green card allows you to study at any school in the US. You also get the chance to invest or start your own business there.

Being a green card holder gives you the rights and privileges that Native Americans enjoy. You are entitled to an impartial employment based on merit and experience; you have the full rights to be the boss of your own company; and you also have the right to choose your place of abode anywhere you would wish in the US. Alongside these rights, you may be obliged to pay taxes just like American citizens do and will not be able to participate in any political affair as it is only enjoyed by the citizens.

Aside from these, if you’re wishing to permanently live in America, obtaining a Green card would be the perfect way to do it. Though this card does not make you an American citizen, it’s the best way to apply for a change in your nationality. You will just need at least 5 years of permanent resident status and after that, you can now be an American Citizen.

Applying for a Green card takes considerable period of time and effort. There are many papers and documents to arrange and requirements to comply with. Don’t frown if I will tell you that acquiring a Green card may take you a few years. However, it’s always worth the wait. Your Green card is valid for 10 years and you can always renew or re-validate it. But if everything goes smoothly, you can get hold of your card after 3 to 6 months. So if you want to speed up the process, make sure that paperwork and other requirements are at hand. In case of any changes with the documents you provided, you have to inform the proper authority as soon as possible to avoid postponement or delay in the processing of your Green card.

You are qualified to apply for a visa of you have worked or are working in an American-owned company; you have an immediate family member who is permanently residing in the US; you are married or will be married to an American citizen or any foreign national holding a Green card; if you won in the Green card lottery; or if you are deemed as refugee by the American government.

With a Green card, you can get there and start a new life full of hope in the US. You only need to come up with the decision and believe a better life is waiting for you there… In the Land of the Free.

Andrew Yast is an immigration adviser residing in Provo, Utah. He is an expert in fulfilling step-by-step Green Card process and facts on getting on your green card. There are many ways in obtaining a Green card, they are through marriage, immediate relative and Green card lottery. For more information, visit
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