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Step by Step Self-Help Guide to Immigration Green Card Process

10th June 2011
By andrewyast in Immigration Law
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Your dream to reside and operate in America is a lot easier when you are a Green card holder. With a Green card, you're endowed with privileges and rights enjoyed by regular Americans. You can work, live, placed a company, and do anything you like so long as it’s legal also it doesn’t contradict with any American law, needless to say. Fundamental essentials main reasons why more and more people coming from all over the world (especially from countries planning to have stable and bright career) submit an application for US Immigration Green card annually.

The same as engaging in college for example, it may take a great amount of time and energy to finish a degree and thus does finding a Green card. Application for Green card may cost tremendous amount of energy, which means you have to be extra patient especially when completing what's needed. However, understanding the step by step process on green card issuance will save you time, money and energy and most importantly, it assures you you will be in a position to stay in america of America to probably work and live. Here are three simplified steps:

Step #1: Applicant visits UD Department of State Website
Green cards applications are merely obtainable in the net. Registering within the website is free and also you would need to complete the necessary information to proceed. The Green card application is not that complicated. You will be using DV2005 form which you'll complete quickly. However, you should be cautious in putting your data. Based on research, 40% of the applicants are now being disqualified annually due to mistakes. Take your time in completing the proper execution since you only obtain one possiblity to make an application for green card each year. The application form period opens from the first or second week of November in most cases lasts for a month or two no applications is going to be considered earlier or later compared to specified time. So be alert!

Step #2: Qualified applicant submits Requirements
One tip to create the applying for you is always to submit every one of the requirements beforehand and in any case of changes, inform the authority ASAP. When you apply for any Green card, you need to be patient for this might take a few years before your card gets released. But, if you were in a position to abide by every one of the documents and paperwork early, you could have your card within 3-65 months.

Step #3- Applicant obtains Permanent Resident Status
Congratulations! After getting the card you now have an enduring Resident Status and you also reach enjoy many rights such as the directly to freely are employed in the US and to live there. By just how, using a Green card does not necessarily mean you might be already a US citizen. If you want to be one, you need to wait for few years again (the least Five years) and make an application for it as well.

Andrew Yast is an immigration adviser residing in Provo, Utah. He is an expert in fulfilling step-by-step
Green Card process and facts on getting on your green card. There are many ways in obtaining a Green card, they are through marriage, immediate relative and Green card lottery. For more information, visit
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