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Forms You have to Complete When Obtaining a Green Card

10th June 2011
By andrewyast in Immigration Law
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Using a Green card or even the status of permanent residence in the USA of America gives you the rights and freedom to operate and live freely anywhere in the US.

When you've got a Green card, you might study and have your own business there. Though no give you the citizenship status yet, using a Green card will be your method to finally become as a famous citizen after a few years. There are numerous things you can do to finally obtain your card. Here are the forms you have to complete to ensure the application goes through.

1. Form G-325, Biographic Information This is actually the form you should fill-up first. The Biographic information form will allow US government know from what country have you been from plus your nationality. Expect all of the general questions you usually found in a bio-data on this form.

2. Form I-864, Affidavit of Support You need to get an affidavit of support in case you are obtaining a Green card through an immediate relative who's permanently surviving in the united states or who's already a Green card holder. This form should be signed from your sponsor (spouse or family member from your US) certifying that he/she holds full responsibility for finally supporting you. The financial support would last until you finally be a US citizen and it is working 40 hours a week. This obligation will take approximately 10 years.

3. Form G-325, Medical Examination You need to pass the medical examination for you to finish your application for any Green card. A designated surgeon will conduct the examination and will make certain you complete all of the group of tests to be taken. The tests to be taken are:

-Physical Examination and mental status evaluation

-Tuberculin (TB) Skin Test

-Serologic (Blood) Test


4. Form I-485, Application to join up Permanent Residence or Adjust Status This type is the central. The reason for Form I-485 is to use for adjustment of one's status with a permanent resident in America. This is also the final form to accomplish within your application.

How much will it costs to obtain a green card?

The price of finding a green card varies. Approximation could be around $6500. But you need to take note that all stage on obtaining your card possesses his own fees. Below may be the estimated breakdown of expenses for your processing of Green Card:

-Attorney's fee which can cost $4000. This is not really essential. Some people just opt to provide an attorney whether they have problems about the documents or perhaps to avoid the fuss of the application.

-$1000 to promote fee. Most lawyers usually do not include advertising fee so you need to spare money with this one.

-$475 for Preference Petition papers

-Final application for Permanent Resident is $1,010.

Now you know the what exactly you need to accomplish in addition to the estimated plan for your Green card, it's simple to make certain that your application process will run as smooth as you can.

Andrew Yast is an immigration adviser residing in Provo, Utah. He is an expert in fulfilling step-by-step Green Card process and facts on getting on your green card. There are many ways in obtaining a Green card, they are through marriage, immediate relative and Green card lottery. For more information, visit

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