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Making a Work Accident Compensation Claim

16th August 2010
By Mariah Cole in Accident claims
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If you've been injured at work or obtained sickness from work, you may hesitate making a Work Accident Compensation claim against your employer for fear of losing your job and other reasons.

Work related accidents are not uncommon. In fact, it is one of the most numbers of accidents in the UK. That's why all companies in the country are required to get an insurance policy to cover employees who have been injured or got sick at work. Each Work Accident Compensation claim case will be managed by the insurance company. Aside from the laws giving privilege for someone at work to make a claim, there is a different set of law in protecting workers from being bullied or dismissed from work due to them making a claim.

Every employer in the UK has a duty and responsibility to ensure the safety and health of each and every worker in their domain. They must also provide a safe workplace, able colleagues, sufficient safety materials and equipment and a safe process to work on everyday. If you've been injured by equipment from another company, it is still the duty of your employer to provide safety processes for the usage of this equipment so they are still liable to pay your Work Accident Compensation claim.

As long as you are not at fault for the work accident you have the right to claim Work Accident Compensation for the injuries and pain and suffering you got from the accident. And your employer is responsible to pay you accident claim compensation.

If you've been injured by your co-worker aside from assault, your firm still has a duty to pay your claim for compensation. In case, your injury has rendered you helpless and you're unable to work and results in your termination, then you can claim compensation for the loss of earnings and future income against your employer. In this situation, you'll need help from a work accident solicitor.

You may obtain compensation by yourself; however, with all the legal jargon and legal processes you will face, hiring a work accident claim solicitor is ideal. They know all the laws surrounding this kind of claim and they are knowledgeable in all the processes needed to pursue your claim in court. They may also settle your case out of court which can be beneficial for you and the other party because you won't have to undergo scrutiny from the legal officials handling claims.

Also if you have problems financially and you think you cannot take on the services of a work accident lawyer, then you might want to employ a no win no fee solicitor. A no win no fee solicitor will handle your claim case without being paid. They will be paid when you win the case and it's the duty of the other side to pay their fees. However, please be reminded that a no win no fee program has its own disadvantages. So it will be wise to ask for the details of the no win no fee program before you say yes to their offer.
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