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International Fiancée Visa - Marry Your Foreign Lover With Ease

28th April 2011
By robuke66 in Immigration Law
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To get a fiancée visa is to win a battle. Legally known as the K-1 visa, the procedure of attaining this visa gets to the nerves of people so much that they call their lawyer to handle things. This is a blunder! You need no lawyer in this case, but a professional who can help you obtain the visa at the least charges.

When it comes to visa, there arrives a series of submissions. On top of it, the officials are not contented with your submitted details and they want more details. Then they want verifications. Such a bothersome task makes you want to think why you fell in love in the first place!

The First Step

So, you fell in love with a non-US citizen. You wish to marry in the USA.

The first thing to do is to file a petition for Alien Fiancée with the USCIS.

For this, you get a Form I-129F. (Believe us, this is just a form, not some missile model!) If your petition gets approved, you have crossed one hurdle. Now is the time to begin your efforts to get fiancée visa from the US Consulate or Embassy in your fiancée's country.

The visa status gets invalid after 90 days. This means that you must wed your fiancée within 90 days of him or her entering the United States. Remember, your fiancée stays as a non-immigrant until the wedding, with temporary entry permission to the USA. He or she might not get an extension of the 90-day period that allows entry into the USA. So, time is treasure for you in this case.

After The Wedding

Once you become spouses and you wish to stay in the USA, it's time for your fiancée to apply for an important thing - permanent resident status.

The K-1 Fiancée Visa provides "temporary conditional permanent resident status" to your foreign lover. This is valid for two years. The visa permits only a single entrance to the USA. Once your fiancée leaves the USA, he or she will have to apply for a new fiancée visa to re-enter.

In The Case Of Wedding Cancellation

You're no longer together. We empathize with your emotional stage, but there are more important things to do. If you've filed the visa application form for your fiancée and he or she does not marry you, your fiancé would need to leave the USA. The US visa laws do not give you the time to mend your relationship! If you're the foreign fiancée, you better grieve your break-up in your own country and avoid falling in legal visa hassles!

Even if you're together, but do not wed within 90 days, your fiancée still must return to his or her country. You must remember that you can file fiancée visa application only once. So, take this seriously. Make up your mind whether you wish to marry your lover or not. Also, make sure whether you can marry within a short time. Only then file for the visa.

Love sees no boundaries, but countries do. Every nation has its visa laws, adjustment of status, and other clauses. Along with knowing your fiancée better, you must also know the fiancée visa laws. Thanks to the internet, you can contact professionals for help in this regard. Remember your wedding as a pleasant memory, not an event of visa troubles.

Petition for Alien Fiancee, Form I-129F, K-1 Fiancee Visa, Adjustment of Status. Your Fiancee may enter the United States only one time with a Fiancee visa. The K-1 visa is similar to processing an immigrant visa petition in that civil and financial documents are required. Once you have married your fiancee in the United States they must file for an Adjustment of Status.

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