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Basic Push Mower Maintenance

27th April 2011
By Kurt Zier in Immigration Law
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Cutting your grass with a push mower can be one of the most pleasant tasks of spring and summer?or it can be a dreaded chore that you look forward to crossing off your checklist. Mowing can be a nice way to get outside and connect with nature, and it brings the joy of a job well done. There is also the added perk of keeping your lawn nice, green, and well cared for so the neighbors and your guests can admire it. However, if your push mower sputters, moans, and refuses to do its job properly, then mowing can be a big hassle. Here are a few basic maintenance tips that can help you keep your push mower running smoothly.

The gas-powered push mower is generally the most common and popular because it is easy to use and is very powerful, effective, and efficient. However, there is generally more maintenance involved to keep it running well and lasting its full lifespan.

There are a few basic repairs and maintenance you should preform on your push mower at the beginning and the end of each mowing season. If you live in a warm area where the grass grows all year long, you should maintain your push mower according to these suggestions once per year. Consider performing them as the seasons change so that you make sure they are performed regularly.

At the beginning of spring, just as the grass is beginning to grow again, it is a very good idea to replace some of the parts in your push mower. In a gas-powered push mower, the most important part is the spark plug. Without it, your push mower wouldn't work, and if the spark plug is not functioning properly, neither will your push mower. Another essential part is the air filter. If the air filter is dirty, your push mower will not work the way that it's supposed to. Dirty air filters are one of the top reasons why push mowers have problems. To ensure that your push mower works well all season, you should replace both the spark plug and the air filter every spring. This may seem excessive, but making these needed replacements will make mowing your lawn and using your push mower much more enjoyable.

At the beginning of the season, you also need to change the oil. Check the other parts of your push mower to make sure that everything is running properly. If you are not sure if a part needs to be replaced or not, consult a professional. If you are not comfortable making the needed yearly repairs, ask a professional to help you learn how to make these repairs so you can take care of your push mower.

At the end of every season, clean the power mower thoroughly by washing off grass and debris that accumulated over the mowing season. It may be a good idea to clean off the grass regularly throughout the spring and summer. Spray it off with a hose and use dish or car soap. Also, make sure that you drain all of the fuel out so you are not storing any in your push mower over the winter.

By following these basic maintenance tips, you can keep your push mower working for many mowing seasons to come.

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