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Favorite Novels and Books about Lawyers and the Law - Pop Culture and Law

03rd November 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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If you think of books about lawyers and the legal system your mind might automatically spit out a name like John Grisham. After all, he is a bestselling author who was also a practicing attorney. His books all take the legal system and the role of the lawyer as their subject, and many have been converted into hugely profitable films.

What about older titles? One of the most famous books about a lawyer is "To Kill a Mockingbird" and it offers a somewhat devastating story of racism, prejudice and hatred that is counterbalanced by the compassion and dignity of the major characters. Interestingly enough, author Harper Lee happened to best friends with fellow author Truman Capote who penned the famous true crime novel "In Cold Blood" which had little to do with lawyers, but a great deal to do with murder and the law.

Another popular novel (or more accurately novels) about lawyers and the legal system is anything in the wonderful Perry Mason series. The works focus on the defense attorney and his remarkable ability to figure out "whodunit" and then reveal this while his own client happens to be on the witness stand or in the courtroom.

There are many contemporary writers who focus on lawyers or legal experts in their fictional works, including Scott Turow, John Grisham (as mentioned earlier), and Robert Traver. What is so interesting is that their works tend to also become major motion pictures as well, which indicates the unending interest in legal thrillers and true crime stories.

The Scott Turow novel "Presumed Innocent" became an extremely popular movie starring Harrison Ford. Grisham's works that have made their way to the Big Screen include "The Firm" and "The Client", and Robert Traver is known for penning "Anatomy of a Murder" which starred Jimmy Stewart.

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