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Famous Novels and Books About Lawyers and the Legal System – Pop Culture and Law

02nd November 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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There have been millions of books written about attorneys and the legal system. Some of the best books about lawyers are listed below along with a brief description about their plots. These books are all "must reads" for lovers of a good lawyer book.

Cass Timberlane
This book, published by Random House and written by Sinclair Lewis portrays Judge Timberlane's relationships with the community and its many problems. It outlines his views on personal rights and fair dealings in the legal system, as well as his personal problems with his much younger wife.

Loom of Justice
This book tells the story of a judge who is famous for his severe judgments finds out that his wife has cancer. At his wife's request, he helps her die, but his own suicide fails and he is arrested for murder. The trial that results brilliantly defines the difference between the ethics of justice and the ethics of humanity.

Billy Budd
This amazing novel written by Herman Melville involves the British navy and Captain Vere's ordeal in the sentencing of Billy Budd to death for murdering another sailor. This book deals with the law of the sea under the Mutiny Act.

Reasonable Doubt
This novel, written by Edgar Smith, a death row convict, tells the story of a trial that involves organized crime and state corruption.

Anatomy of Murder
This book written by John D. Voelker showcases the actions of a brilliant attorney as he prepares his case to defend the defense of a rape provoked homicide. This book takes place in Michigan, and is written by a former Justice of the Supreme Court of Michigan.

Opinion of the Court
Written by William Woolfolk, this book tells the story of the Governor of Nebraska being appointed to the Supreme Court and finds the court engaged in an internal power struggle, a powerful president, and public disapproval of the decisions the high court is making.

The Street Lawyer
This brilliant novel by John Grisham tells the story of a homeless man who walks into a prominent Washington D.C. law firm and takes nine of its attorneys hostage. This book is way more than just a primer on the plight of the homeless, it is a legal thriller Grisham style, complete with corporate conspiracy and cover-up.

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