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Famous Movies About Lawyers and the Legal Process – Pop Culture and Law

02nd November 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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There have been literally hundreds of movies made about attorneys and the legal system. This article looks at some of the most popular movies about lawyers.

Adam's Rib
This movie starred Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. It is part drama and part comedy which finds Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn as a husband and wife team on opposite sides of a criminal case. She is defending a woman accused of the murder of her husband, and Spencer Tracy is the prosecuting attorney.

Anatomy of a Murder
This movie, directed by the great Otto Preminger is a courtroom drama of a murder trial in which a lieutenant in the army is charged with murdering a bar owner who had raped the lieutenant's wife.

Devil's Advocate
This movie starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves is a fairly weird story of a young attorney who loses his soul to the devil and gets recruited by a New York law firm headed by the devil, Al Pacino.

A Few Good Men
Tom Cruise plays a Navy lawyer who has to defend two Marines accused of murder. The Marines claim they were acting under the orders of their colonel. This movie has great court scenes.

The Firm
Tom Cruise plays a young attorney that is recruited by a prestigious law firm. Problems start to occur when Tom Cruise's character discovers that this firm has many secrets; not all of them good.

The Pelican Brief
This movie is based on a John Grisham novel and tells the story of a law student who is unwittingly drawn into a huge conspiracy involving the assassination of two Supreme Court justices. Denzel Washington plays the role of a journalist who investigates the student's story and helps her out of this obviously sticky situation.

Tom Hanks stars in this movie as a successful attorney fired from his law firm because he has AIDS. The only attorney willing to take his wrongful dismissal action case against his old law firm is played by Denzel Washington, a stereotypical ambulance chasing attorney.

Presumed Innocent
This movie stars Harrison Ford who is accused of murdering his former girlfriend. This movie is a gripping drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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