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Company Formation – Your Option

18th October 2011
By Henry James in Business Law
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If you intend to trade as a UK business then you need to first deal with company formation. Initially this means deciding on the type of business entity you wish to regsiter before settling on a name and then applying for the registration. Alternatively, though, you may opt to buy an existing business to benefit from the trading history it has while removing the need to complete registration. You can also consider an offshore formation which is especially beneficial for the tax relief or tax exemption that it offers in some countries. Company Formation Company formation means first deciding on the type of business entity that you wish to register. This can range from the sole trader, which effectively means registering with HMRC as being a freelancer, right to Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) or Limited companies. Buying Established Businesses Rather than going through the process of forming your own business, the option to buy an existing business does of course exist. This means that you do not need to worry about the registration process and you can also purchase a high quality business that already has a trading history behind it. This means that you can really hit the ground running with your new corporation and you can enjoy the prestige of a professional looking business already in operation. Offshore Formations If you will be completing a lot of your business overseas then you might also want to add offshore formations to your list of things to do. This can afford you access to countries where tax rates are lower or even non-existent. Not only could this mean that you won’t have to pay any corporate tax on some of your business but it could also mean that you would not have to pay income tax on the money earned by that business. Company Formation Company formation may seem like a difficult task when you first start digging but the reality is that it doesn’t need to be this difficult. Get a professional company formation service n your site and you could established a business in just a few days, ensure that you make the right choices, or even access an established business with trading history.

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