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Business Law

Company Formation – Your Option

18th October 2011
If you intend to trade as a UK business then you need to first deal with company formation. Initially this means deciding on the type of business entity you wish to regsiter before settling on a name and then applying for the registration. Alternatively, ...
Author: Henry James

Reduce Tax Liability - Deductible Business Expenses

04th July 2011
Expenses is a very large area of tax, and one of the most challenging as well, which is why we’ve written this blog post; to try and give you an idea of some of the expenses that you can claim. An expense is allowable as long as it was reasonably incur...
Author: BenW2811
Business Law

Swiss Bank Account Holders on HMRC’s Hit List

04th May 2011
HMRC is hardly out of the headlines these days and now the ongoing issue of tax evasion is back in the media spotlight because an estimated 15,000 wealthy taxpayers with Swiss bank accounts have become the latest recipients of HMRC’s letters. This first o...
Author: drsrjp

Keep track of tax liabilities is easy.

12th March 2011
So you're living the self employed dream. No more commuting to work with a rubbish boss, annoying colleagues and pointless meetings. You're doing something you love and some days work doesn't even feel like work. It's an absolute joy. But that's just one ...
Author: Hector Milla

Debt Advice May Be Needed For Tax Code Victims With Underpaid Tax

18th February 2011
From the Items List, press Control-N. Select Sales Tax Item. Enter a name for the sales tax - something simple is fine, something that makes sense to you. Enter a more detailed description on the next line. Enter the tax rate, and choose the state reporti...
Author: Wilmer Irwin

Students issued tax warning

31st January 2011
The vast majority of people who earn money are keen to ensure they do not pay too much income tax. For this reason, some use an income tax calculator or PAYE calculator to help them assess whether or not they have. Students may be among those who can b...
Author: James Dacanay

Use an Umbrella Company? - Ensure your workplace is deemed temporary

29th August 2010
If you are contractor, assessing your workplace status is extremely important. There are a number of rules set by HMRC which will determine whether you have the right to claim travel and subsistence expenses whilst you work. The rules heavily focus on whe...
Author: Alex Askew

HMRC Amend PAYE Penalties Guidance

18th July 2010
At the start of the tax year new late payment penalties were introduced for PAYE and other payments due from employers. The new rules apply to almost all employers and contractors, whether they employ one or a hundred employees. The rules apply to monthly...
Author: Alex Askew

Tax hits the headlines again

11th May 2010
Two cases on residence of individuals for tax purposes have recently been widely reported in the national press; in each case, the cases reveal what are generally considered to be new developments, although HMRC denies that this is the case. One of ...
Author: Armand2000

Claiming an income tax rebate if you're unemployed

16th April 2010
If you are unemployed then you may be able to claim what is likely to be a much needed income tax refund from the tax man. Assuming you were working during a tax year but were then made redundant for whatever reason, you can probably claim some money b...
Author: Ben Greenwood