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Print Advertisement V/S Web Banner Design

17th October 2011
By Steve in Business Law
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Both these tools are used for creating awareness among the people. Print advertisements are placed in magazines and newspapers while banner ads appear on different web sites. The success of these promotional mediums lies in creating maximum output with minimum input. E.g. you should select print media that has a better viewership to reach the targeted clients. Similarly, you should choose popular websites that have good ranking before placing your banner designs.

Note: One needs to perform detailed research to understand which website will help him/her to obtain the highest benefit.

We are going to compare the benefits of both these marketing methods to understand them better.


Number of Target Viewers

The effectiveness of Web banners and print advertisements varies in terms of target customers. Millions of people across the world subscribe/read newspapers but they may not necessarily be your target audience. On the other hand you can use banner ads to reach the desired profile and minimize wastage of money on non-targeted visitors.

Ease Of Accessibility

One needs to analyze and determine the resources of the target market before advertising a product or service. This is because literate customers who have access to computers may prefer browsing websites instead of reading newspapers on a daily basis. Further, you can make a banner for certain websites that attract a specific type of customers.


An advertiser will end up paying a lot of money if he/she places an ad in a famous and well-established newspaper for just one day. Placing a banner ad on a reputed website may cost money however the banner design will appear on the website for a longer duration. This means that you will be able to attract more customers in the long run.


The consumer will have to write down the name of your website and spend additional time visiting the online location if he/she wants to obtain more information. The process of connecting to your customer can simplified by using a web banner design. This is because the client will be directed to your website that contains details about the product after he/she clicks the link on the banner. It will help the customer to make the purchase decision with ease.


Web banners have become an effective method of marketing with the arrival of the information age. Entrepreneurs have found immense potential by promoting their business on the World Wide Web.

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