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Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney The Right Way

30th March 2010
By The Brilliant Assistant in Personal Injury
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If a legal situation were to arise where you would need a personal injury attorney (also called a trial injury attorney), how would you choose one? Certainly looking in the yellow pages or doing an Internet search would yield a relatively large list of potential lawyers, but making all those phone calls would be time-consuming and would not guarantee that you would find a top-notch lawyer. When choosing a personal injury lawyer, there are several criteria that are very useful in narrowing the field down to finding a reputable lawyer to provide an initial consultation, and to ultimately handle your case.

At a minimum, an attorney needs to have passed the bar examination in order to become members of their State Bar Association. This allows them legal permission to perform legal duties such as filing legal documents and litigating legal cases in a court of law. In relation to these activities, their experiences and opinions are usually formed and they become legal resources for potential clients in the form of giving legal opinions on various issues.

Choosing a personal injury lawyer with legal experience in the area in which you need help is paramount to achieving the most desirable outcome. Whether you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, truck accident, cycling accident or been hit as a pedestrian on the side of the road, your ultimate choice for a lawyer should be for someone that has specific experience handling the same types of cases. Not having a competent lawyer means risking a less desirable outcome. Kassor Law has significant legal experience in all of these legal areas to help you.

In addition to this legal experience, the lawyer that you ultimately choose should have a proven track record of successful dealings with auto insurance companies. For example, he or she should be able to determine if an auto company is solvent enough to be able to pay the claims against them; if not there may be no money to recover for your expenses. Understanding the system and communicating effectively are all important when dealing with a large insurance company. Lawyers that inflate claims in order to receive increased reimburesment should be avoided; this is illegal and can get you (and your attorney) into very serious legal trouble. By contrast, a legitimate personal injury attorney will know how to construct a competent legal case and secure any valid payment of benefits due. This is especially true in cases where the other party has no car insurance and you may be dealing with your own insurance company for payment.

For more information on personal injury lawyers, or to schedule a successful legal consultation, please choose your personal injury attorney wisely.


The Law Offices of Eric Kassor, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, have over 20 years experience in assisting clients with their personal injury claims from auto accidents and truck accidents. For a Free initial consultation with a qualified personal injury lawyer, please visit our website today.
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