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Personal Injury in The Workplace : Take A Second Look

06th April 2010
By The Brilliant Assistant in Personal Injury
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The workplace can be a dangerous place, even if you work in an office instead of a warehouse. Injuries happen for a variety of reasons, whether it be inattention to a Wet Floor sign, forgetfullness to close that overhead cabinet door, or simply a fall in the parking lot on a rainy morning. Often times, an employee doesn't realize the severity of an injury when it happens. The likelihood that they don't want to be embarrassed sometimes covers the fact that they have been injured and need medical attentin. Many large employers have a small medical staff to lend assistance in these situations, but they may not be the best choice to evaluate an injury if specific tests (such as an x-ray) are needed. Employers may attempt, as a part of routine policy, to have employees sign waivers of liability when an accident occurs. But since this is typically a form that will limit the employee's right to be evaluated by an independent doctor or medical facility and should be reviewed very carefully before signing. If signed, it may prevent recouping medical expenses when an injury causes problems down the road (days, or even years) after initial treatment. This is where a personal injury attorney can assist in determining if a personal injury claim is warranted, and if so, can provide legal assistance in filing and litigating the claim.

Many types of injuries may require the professional assistance of a personal injury lawyer to ensure a fair and proper settlement. Not only can personal injuries occur to the body, but to the mind, spirit and emotional well being of a person as well. These factors need to be considered when determining the amount of potential compensation a company may offer to an injured employee. Those who are injured often do not consider the fact that a long period of recovery is may be required and that may include the assistance of medical personnel at an additional cost. By consulting with a personal injury attorney, these costs can be discussed and may be able to be recovered in full or even via a partial reimbursement.

Another issue to consider is the statute of limitations in your state or residence. By definition, a statute of limitation is a law which specifies a time frame within which parties must take judicial action in order to enforce their rights. If that time has elapsed, it may be significantly more difficult to obtain any payments for an injury. For example, one type of injury that is seeing an increase in recent years is repetitive stress injuries; which are caused by long hours typing on a computer keyboard and using a computer mouse. This can cause damage to the arms, wrists and/or fingers which could require long-term treatment involving braces, supports or even hand surgery. Many people may not realize that this may be a potential personal injury case, so a personal injury lawyer should be consulted.

Legal guidance from a personal injury attorney is essential and should be utilized before signing any type of document from an insurance company.


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