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How Can a St. Louis Law Firm Handle a Foreclosure in Illinois?

16th April 2010
By JamesBrown in Bankruptcy Law
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It seems that since St. Louis and Illinois are so close, the foreclosure process should be the same. Despite their close proximity, the foreclosure process in Illinois is actually a bit different. Any St Louis law firm who intends to help an Illinois homeowner get protection from foreclosure must know these differences in order to truly help.

For foreclosure in Illinois, the lender must actually go through the court to get a judgment against you. The lender must go through the court system to continue with foreclosure proceedings. In Missouri, a homeowner can get all the way through a foreclosure, from notice to auction, in 21 days. Because Illinois has judicial foreclosures, the process does take slightly more time. Does this mean that Illinois' foreclosure process is a breeze?

Well, not necessarily. Notably, going through an Illinois foreclosure can cause more confusion and panic because you must appear in court. It is hard to find the best protection from foreclosure when your brain is cluttered with confusion and worry. Even though you have more time, finding a solution quickly should still be a priority. Getting protection from foreclosure, however, is the same process on both sides of the river.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Illinois can stop your foreclosure dead in its tracks and help you get a handle on the rest of your debt. What do I mean by that? In addition to providing protection from foreclosure, Missouri Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops wage garnishments, repossession, harassing creditor calls, and reorganizes your debt into a payment plan that you can handle. The best part is that your creditors can't do anything about it. Bankruptcy is a very powerful federal law. Your creditors must accept less money on a monthly basis over a longer amount of time. It also gives you some much needed breathing room by stopping your creditors from taking any more action against you. In the mean time, you can keep food on the table for your family and protect them from losing their home.

Keep in mind that, if you are looking for a St Louis law firm to handle your Illinois bankruptcy, the attorney needs to be aware of the different laws in both states regarding foreclosure and bankruptcy. Make sure any St. Louis Missouri bankruptcy attorney has satisfied clients on both sides of the river and possibly even a convenient location in Illinois.


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