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Learn What Happens During a H1 Visa Interview

09th February 2011
By Martin Valence in Immigration Law
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Applicants of the H1 visa are often notified once they qualify to go in for an interview. As such, it would be advisable to learn what happens before and after the interview to ensure that you are well prepared and hence, increase your chances of getting the visa. For starters, it is important to ensure that you get to the consulate or US embassy where the interview is going to take place on schedule. Also, make sure that your application is complete since if this is not the case, you won't be admitted. Those who have special needs and require assistance are advised to contact the consulate 48 hours in advance. This is deemed necessary so that they can prepare for an admittance assistant.

There are certain procedures that have to be followed once you get there and they can be broken down into the following segments.
o Get to the consulate: Once you get to the consulate, you will be required to wait in queue and only applicants are allowed to enter the consulate. However, it is important to note that before admittance, you will be required to provide your original passport, HDFC fee receipt and the letter of appointment to a security staff. Also, note that electronic equipment, perfumes, backpacks, food, sealed envelopes and packages among other items deemed dangerous are not allowed inside the consulate.

o Security check: Once you enter the consulate, you will be required to undergo a security check. In most instances, this includes a full body check using a metal detector scan. Note that this is a procedure that is carried out on everyone who goes through the consulate without any exceptions.

o Fingerprinting: This is another important procedure that has to be carried out and it is done on both hands. While this is the case, the requirements and procedure used may change over time and in accordance to different consulates. As such, it is advisable to follow through with the directions provided by the staff. What is more, there are instances when people who have bruises, cuts or blisters may not be allowed to get the work visa until they are healed and hence, fingerprinted.

o Waiting area: you will be directed to a waiting area and before you are called in, you should sit back and wait for your turn. They often call people through a glass and from where you will be seated; it should be easy to hear your name.

o The interview: During the Immigration interview, make sure that you answer all the questions truthfully and have all your papers at hand.

If the H-1B visa application does not go through or is put on hold, you will be informed and allowed to collect your passport after completion of the interview.
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