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Rent Reviews - How The Process Works

27th September 2011
Within a lease for commercial premises, it is more than likely terms and conditions for rent reviews will be included. This permits a landlord to assess the sum of rent paid at regular intervals, often after every three or five years. While they are inten...
Author: Richard Godden
Business Law

3 Very Important Ways Commercial Lighting Retrofit Companies Save Businesses Money

09th February 2011
If you're considering a commercial lighting retrofit, you're probably in the process of weighing up the future savings against the cost of quotes obtained from these companies. With the possibility of energy costs rising in the future, and lighting costs ...
Author: Seowork011
Accident claims


22nd September 2010
Fighting to get you the help you deserve An accident is always a painful experience. Apart from the suffering, time lost in recovery and economic loss, there are medical bills to attend to. Its not easy to get full compensation for the loss suffered. ...
Author: R Hardman
Real Estate Law

Commercial Tenants - 8 Tips When Assigning or Subletting Your Lease

15th January 2010
Subletting commercial property can be legally complex. If you rent commercial property and are considering either assigning the lease or subletting it, or if you already sublet a commercial premises, you might not be completely sure of your rights and the...
Author: Tim Bishop