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10 Reasons to Move to New Zealand

17th May 2011
By ramsingh in Immigration Law
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Moving to New Zealand can be a fantastic idea for you and your family, for a number of reasons. However, before you do decide on settling in NZ you will need to brush up on the New Zealand Immigration system. Immigration Partners are a great source of information, and regularly help families and
individuals emigrate to New Zealand. So what makes New Zealand such a great place to live? Here are 10 excellent reasons for moving to NZ.

1. The climate in New Zealand is far superior (and most importantly of all,
much more reliable) than in the UK. There are still seasons, just like in
Britain, but the large majority of the country enjoys a sub-tropical

2. As you will no doubt be well aware the UK has one of the highest rates of
tax anywhere in the world. New Zealand, however, has one of the lowest; the
average rate of income tax paid by NZ residents is 17 per cent.

3. The VAT rate in the United Kingdom has just been increased to 20 per
cent, while GST (which is the same variety of tax in NZ) is just 15 per


4. If you're moving to New Zealand with your family then obviously
inheritance tax will be a concern for you. Fortunately, there is no
inheritance tax or capital gains tax in the country.

5. The land prices in NZ are substantially lower than in Britain. This is
largely due to the fact that New Zealand is larger than the UK but has a
much lower population.

6. New Zealand has not been as badly affected by the global recession as the
UK has, so there is still a high demand for individuals with key skills. The
economy as a whole is recovering at a much faster rate than Britain.

7. The standard of living in New Zealand is excellent, much the same as in
the UK. However, the majority of your daily essentials will be a great deal
cheaper, including petrol and eating out.

8. New Zealand is an 'outdoor' country; this makes it the ideal location to
bring up your children with a healthy and active lifestyle. The country's
near-perfect climate makes it much easier for your kids to engage in

numerous outdoor sporting activities.

9. The scenery in New Zealand, especially in the South Island, is simply
breathtaking. Living in a country with such amazing scenery is sure to
de-stress and relax you very quickly.

10. The New Zealand people are extremely friendly and there is a huge
expatriate community, so you and your family will never feel alienated or
home sick.

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