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Immigration Law Clinics – Providing Immigration Assistance to Applicants

16th May 2011
By Manusmriti in Immigration Law
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Immigration remains one of the most controversial and discordant debates all over the world. Though immigration and immigrants have been crucial to the growth of United States, they have also been a constant source of argument. Strict immigration laws and complicated immigration procedures have given way to immigration service providers who help to obtain citizenship, and provide assistance with other immigration matters.

These service providers develop a secure and integrated service delivery framework to enhance security and facilitation in the visa issuance process, strengthen the immigration function besides fortifying the foreigners.

Immigration service providers offer service to attorneys with existing practice or those who wish to start practicing immigration law but do not have the time or resources to invest to learn a new area of law. Immigration law clinics which are familiar with their practices and procedures of US Citizenship and Immigration Services assist clients in obtaining visas to enter the US to live and work.

With substantial experience in immigration law and procedures, the lawyers in immigration law clinics have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the subject. They provide counseling to foreign nationals and students seeking work in the United States. For people looking to apply for specific visas like marriage visas, sports visas, L-1 visas and Temporary work visas, these clinics provide assistance with immigration.

The US Department of Homeland Security or the DHS takes care of the issues related to immigration and nationality. They are responsible for enforcing immigration laws, processing immigration applications, appealing for legal status besides cracking down on illegal immigrants.

The economic gloom of 2010 seemed to have changed people’s perception about immigration. Surveys have proved that 63% of those who faced a pay cut or job loss in 2010 felt immigrants threatened job availability.

People from different countries have started feeling that their government is not managing immigration properly. They have been vexed over issues like labor-market competition; crime and adaptation following which there has been demand for enforcement of tougher immigration laws.

Immigration clinics provide services to both individuals and corporations across the world with respect to all matters related to Immigration, Naturalization, Visa and Consular Law. They prepare all types of family and employment based immigration document. They have significant experience in immigration litigation and also offer services for extension of stay.

These clinics also counsel the U.S employers regarding employment eligibility and verification, unlawful discrimination practices. They also represent foreign entrepreneurs, investors, entertainers, and other professionals willing to get into the U.S for pursuing professional career.
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